• POC and Self-Assessment Panel Members

    The Practicing Ophthalmologists Curriculum POC was developed by a group of dedicated practicing ophthalmologists reflecting a diversity of background, training, practice type and geographic distribution. The POC provides a basis for Academy Maintenance of Certification (MOC) resources, and defines those areas of knowledge most clinically relevant to a practicing clinician. In addition, the POC is based on the MOC Content Outline used by the American Board of Ophthalmology to develop MOC examinations

    Jeffrey A. Nerad, MD, American Academy of Ophthalmology Secretary for Knowledge Base Development led the review for POC Version 4, published October 2013. The POC is reviewed and updated every 3 years. POC Version 4 is currently published as part of the Practicing Ophthalmologists Learning System for the MOC examinations (PORT and DOCK) in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

    Stephen R. Russell, MD, Chair of the Self-Assessment Committee, serves as the overall leader of the self-assessment portion of the Practicing Ophthalmologists Learning System.

    In addition, the Academy gratefully acknowledges the contributions of subspecialty society leaders and members for their review and contributions to the POC.

    POC Version 4 Panel Members

    Project Director for Acquisition and Review of Study Topics
    Jeffrey L. Nerad, M.D.
    American Academy of Ophthalmology
    Secretary for Knowledge Base Development

    Cataract / Anterior Segment
    James T. Banta, M.D., Chair
    Devin M .Gattey, M.D.
    Thomas M. Harvey, M.D.
    Cathleen M. McCabe, M.D.
    Thomas A. Oetting, M.D.
    Roberto Pineda II, M.D.
    Stephen K. Sauer, M.D.
    Richard Tipperman, M.D.

    Comprehensive Ophthalmology
    Richard J. Grostern, M.D., Chair
    Erich P. Horn, M.D., Vice Chair
    Cynthia S. Chiu, M.D.
    Yvonne I. Chu, M.D.
    James M. Heltzer, M.D.
    Sharon L. Jick, M.D.
    Stephen A. Kamenetzky, M.D.
    David A. Mittleman, M.D.

    Cornea / External Disease
    Michael H. Goldstein, M.D., Chair
    Anthony J. Aldave, M.D., Vice Chair
    Deepinder K Dhaliwal M.D.
    Nicoletta A. Fynn-Thompson, M.D.
    Carol L. Karp, M.D.
    Stella K Kim M.D.
    Jeanine Suchecki, M.D.
    Sonal S Tuli M.D.

    Jason Bacharach, M.D., Chair
    Jeffrey D. Henderer, M.D., Co-Vice Chair
    Leon W. Herndon, M.D., Co-Vice Chair
    Geoffrey T. Emerick, M.D.
    Thomas A Graul, M.D.
    Mahmoud A Khaimi, M.D.
    Martha Motuz Leen, M.D.

    Neuro-Ophthalmology / Orbit
    Roger E. Turbin, M.D., Chair
    Matthew Dean Kay, M.D., Vice Chair
    Sang H. Hong, M.D.
    Flora Levin, M.D.
    Todd A. Goodglick, M.D.
    Timothy J. McCulley, M.D.
    Anil D. Patel, M.D.

    Oculoplastics and Orbit
    Stuart R. Seiff, M.D., Chair
    Louise A. Mawn, M.D., Vice Chair
    Laryssa R. Dragan, M.D.
    Robert G. Fante, M.D.
    Shannath Louise Merbs, M.D.
    Bryan S. Sires, M.D.
    Valerie L. Vick, M.D.
    Michael T. Yen, M.D.

    Pediatric Ophthalmology / Strabismus
    Christie L. Morse, M.D., Chair
    Mitchell B. Strominger, M.D., Vice Chair
    Lisa S. Abrams, M.D.
    B. Christian Carter, M.D.
    Jennifer A. Dunbar, M.D.
    Laura B. Enyedi, M.D.
    Gena Heidary, M.D.
    David K. Wallace, M.D., MPH

    Refractive Management / Intervention
    Christopher L. Blanton, M.D., Chair
    Rajesh K. Rajpal, M.D., Vice Chair
    William J. Dupps, M.D., Ph.D
    David A. Goldman, M.D.
    Mark A. Kontos, M.D.
    Sonia H. Yoo, M.D.

    Retina / Vitreous
    Timothy W. Olsen, M.D., Chair
    Brian D. Sippy, M.D. PhD, Vice Chair
    Neal H. Atebara, M.D.
    Justin L. Gottlieb, M.D.
    Sohail J. Hasan, M.D., Ph.D.
    Wayne A. Solley, M.D.
    Ivan J. Suner, M.D.

    Ramana S. Moorthy, M.D., Chair
    Russell W. Read, M.D., Ph.D., Vice Chair
    Andrea D Birnbaum, M.D.
    Grace A Levy-Clarke, M.D.
    P. Kumar Rao, M.D.
    Jennifer E. Thorne, M.D.

    Self-Assessment Panel Members

    Executive Editor of Self-Assessment Items
    American Academy of Ophthalmology
    Stephen R. Russell, M.D.
    Chair of the Self-Assessment Committee

    Cataract / Anterior Segment
    Susan Quick, M.D.

    Comprehensive Ophthalmology
    Joanne F. Shen, M.D.

    Cornea / External Disease
    Anat Galor, M.D.

    Mansi Parikh, M.D.

    Neuro-Ophthalmology / Orbit
    Prem Subramanian, M.D., Ph.D.

    Oculoplastics and Orbit
    Renzo Zaldivar, M.D.

    Pediatric Ophthalmology / Strabismus
    Theodore Curtis, M.D.

    Refractive Management / Intervention
    Mark Greiner, M.D.

    Retina / Vitreous
    Paul B. Griggs, M.D.

    Donald Stone, M.D.