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• Alcon IOL Approval
• New Technology IOL Designation
• Expanded Range for Crystalens Five-O
• Fundus Camera
• Portable B-Scan
• Original Putterman Clamp
• Glass Gonio Lens

Alcon IOL Approval

Alcon has announced that the FDA has approved its AcrySof ReStor apodized diffractive aspheric IOL for the visual correction of aphakia following cataract surgery in adult patients with and without presbyopia.

The company reports that as of Feb. 1 this IOL is the only FDA-approved presbyopia-correcting IOL that incorporates aspheric optics into its design.

877-523-2784 or


New Technology IOL Designation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has granted New Technology Intraocular Lens (NTIOL) designation to two Bausch & Lomb IOLs—SofPort Advanced Optics and SofPort Advanced Optics With Violet Shield Technology—for their spherical aberration–reducing design.

With NTIOL designation, the Medicare reimbursement to ambulatory surgery centers for cataract procedures will increase by $50 when surgery is performed with either IOL. This NTIOL subset and adjusted payment for these IOLs will remain in effect until Feb. 26, 2011.

Bausch & Lomb
800-553-5340 or


Expanded Range for Crystalens Five-O

Eyeonics has announced that Crystalens Five-O is now available in an expanded range of 10 D to 30 D.

In the range of 16 D to 27 D, the Five-O is available in 0.25-D steps to provide ophthalmic surgeons with a more precise selection of lenses to achieve their refractive targets. The IOL is also manufactured in a 12-mm overall length from 10 D to 16.75 D to accommodate larger eyes.

866-393-6642 or


Fundus Camera

Kowa Optimed has announced its next generation fundus camera. The 5-megapixel Nonmyd Alpha-D 5Mega Fundus Camera is designed to provide a compact, all-in-one unit to maximize productivity with high-resolution digital imaging and a user-friendly interface.

The fundus camera features a built-in 5.0 megapixel digital camera and a Firewire attachment for high-speed communication with the capture computer. Both 45- and 20-degree picture angles are available on the 5.6-inch LCD monitor.

Kowa Optimed
800-966-5692 or


Portable B-Scan

Accutome has introduced its new B-Scan Plus. The probe is designed for portability as the unit links directly to a laptop or desktop computer via a USB port. This technology is also intended to create sharper, more focused images due to the elimination of signal loss.

Accutome developed “Smooth Zoom” technology in order to allow for 0.015-mm resolution as well as 2x full-image zoom and 34-second film loops of every image. The B-Scan Plus also features built-in templates for the creation of full reports that can be printed or e-mailed. The company reports that the software is easily upgradable.

800-979-2020 or


Original Putterman Clamp

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments announces the E2508 Original Putterman Clamp.

This instrument is designed for use during a Müller’s muscle–conjunctival resection ptosis procedure. The clamp is used to incorporate conjunctiva and Müller’s muscle between the superior tarsal border and the marking suture in order for suturing and resection to occur.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
800-338-2020 or


Glass Gonio Lens

Volk Optical has introduced a new offering in its G-Series line of glass gonio lenses, the 4 Mirror High Mag Gonio Lens.

With a 1.5x magnification, the lens is designed to offer 360-degree views for observation of key detail in the anterior segment during glaucoma screening. Four mirrors equally angled at 64 degrees are intended to provide visualization of the entire anterior chamber, with only a slight rotation.

The “no flange/no fluid” design is intended to facilitate use without viscous interface solutions. Large- or small-ring options are offered.

Volk Optical
800-345-8655 or



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