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New Instruments

Bausch & Lomb has introduced four new products to its instrument line.

With its broad circular fenestrated platform surface, the ET1789STL Snyder 23GA Forceps is designed for intraocular grasping of the iris and other delicate structures in the anterior chamber. This instrument features a 23-gauge shaft for a secure grasp and ease of manipulation through a small incision.

The ET1789CTL Snyder 23GA Curved Suture Forceps is also designed with a 23-gauge shaft and it has curved jaws to provide better utility in the anterior chamber for grasping and tying sutures for various intraocular techniques. The low-glare surface is intended to reduce light reflection in the eye.

Both of the forceps above require the ET8199 H handle (sold separately).

The E2506 Putterman Eyelid Creaser is designed for placement into the superior aspect of the upper eyelid skin fold, both to show patients the effect of an upper blepharoplasty and to aid in determining the level to create the upper eyelid crease. It can also be used to compress lower eyelid herniated fat to demonstrate the effect fat removal will have on diminishing inferior orbital rim circles in deciding whether excision or repositioning is indicated.

Designed for the LASEK technique, the E9027 Davis LASEK Well is intended for the infusing of alcohol into the well without the risk of dripping the alcohol mixture on the surface of the eye. A syringe of the alcohol solution is connected to the tubing attached to the handle of the instrument. As the syringe is compressed, the solution enters the well and then is aspirated in the same fashion, reducing the need for sponge absorption. The ring sits on the cornea with a beveled twin-ring design to provide a secure applanation on the cornea.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
800-338-2020 or
Booth #3723


Bacterial Conjunctivitis Treatment Approved

Inspire Pharmaceuticals has announced that the FDA has approved its AzaSite 1 Percent for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis. Azasite is azithromycin ophthalmic solution formulated in DuraSite, InSite Vision’s patented drug-delivery vehicle.

AzaSite was created to offer patients a reduced-dosing regimen compared with other currently available products for bacterial conjunctivitis. The recommended dosing regimen for AzaSite is one drop twice a day for two days, followed by one drop once a day for the next five days, for a total of nine drops in the affected eye.

Inspire Pharmaceuticals
877-800-4536 or
Booth #625


Home Safety Kit

Lighthouse International has released the Living Better at Home Kit for those who suffer from vision loss.

This product offers practical information about eye health, eye diseases and treatment options, as well as a discussion about how rehabilitation specialists can help. It also presents tips for cooking safely (e.g., mark frequently used settings on the oven or microwave with bright nail polish or Touch-Dots), how to organize your home (e.g., use large-print or color-coded labels on medications), and other useful information to make daily living safer and easier for people with vision loss.

The kit also includes access to online lessons and an online video.

Lighthouse International
800-829-0500 or
Booth N/A


Hwang Phaco Spatula

Katena Products has introduced its Hwang Phaco Spatula, a double-ended instrument designed for vertical chopping of all grades of nuclei.

The spatula features a 1-mm-long, pointed vertical chopper on one end and a chisel-tipped spatula on the opposite end. The pointed tip is intended to facilitate vertical chopping while the spatula with the chisel tip is used for subsequent manipulation, fracture and crushing of the chopped segments. The front of the chisel tip is sharp enough to penetrate into soft and moderately dense nuclei and blunt enough to minimize risk to the posterior capsule.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or
Booth #1801



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