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Cystoid Macular Edema and Neovascular Glaucoma Following CRVO
Written by Sara Bozorg, Rochester School of Medicine, and Fang Ko and Kamaljeet Singh, MD, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore.
Edited by Richard E. Hackel, MA, CRA, FOPS.
Photo Credits: Sara Bozorg, Rochester School of Medicine, and Fang Ko, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore.

Blink February 2008

An 82-year-old woman presented three months ago with sudden vision loss with no light perception in her right eye. Over the last month, the eye became increasingly painful. Examination disclosed rubeosis iridis and an IOP of 65 mmHg. The likely mechanism of her glaucoma was central retinal vein occlusion and rubeosis of the iris and angle, leading to angle closure. An enucleation was performed for the blind and painful right eye. The clinical diagnosis was confirmed by histological stain with Van de Grift, which revealed this image. The optic nerve and lamina cribrosa are pictured, demonstrating a congested central retinal vein with nonperfusion of the central retinal artery.

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