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New Cutter and Chopper

Katena has two new tools.

The Stolte Soft IOL Cutter (K4-5565) is designed to capture, hold and bisect a soft IOL prior to explantation. It features a concave well to accommodate the soft IOL and a dual-pronged tip that provides resistance when the blade is pushed forward. After the surgeon captures the IOL in the well, a thin-slotted plate slides forward above it, preventing the lens from vaulting or buckling upward as the specially angled blade bisects the silicone or acrylic material. The front end is bullet-shaped for ease of insertion through a 2.5-mm incision.

The Chang-Seibel Combination Chopper (K3-2341) is a double-ended instrument.

On the curved posterior tip is the Seibel Vertical Safety Chopper, which has a thin paddle-shaped design with a beveled edge. The widened tip distributes any contact with the capsule over a larger surface area, reducing the chance for inadvertent capsular rupture. Once the nucleus is fractured, the broad, flattened sides of the paddle aid in completing the division down to the posterior plate.

On the other end is the Chang Microfinger Chopper. This is used for horizontal chopping and features a finger-shaped tip with a defined inferior edge for nucleus division. By slipping the tip under the rhexis and hooking around the equator, the nucleus is divided horizontally as the tip is pulled centrally toward the phaco probe.

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