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July/August 2008

Products & Services

Spectral OCT

Reichert has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA to market its spectral optical coherence tomographer, the Reichert-Optopol SOCT Copernicus, in the United States.

The SOCT Copernicus is designed for ophthalmologists to do in vivo imaging and measurement of the retina.

This diagnostic tool utilizes spectral tomography to create high-resolution images of retinal structures. These three-dimensional images are intended to enhance physicians’ ability to diagnose and monitor retinal diseases and perform pre- and postprocedural assessments of their patients.

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Surgical Instruments

ASICO has released two new surgical instruments.

The Crandall Capsulorhexis Incision Gauges set (AE-1582T) includes 18 titanium gauges for measuring incision sizes. The gauges range in width from 1.5 mm to 3.2 mm in 0.1-mm increments. On the back of each gauge are seven laser lines, 1 mm apart, for measuring the diameter of the capsulorhexis.

The Tan DSEK Forceps (AE-4226) are designed to safely and effectively insert the donor button with the pull-through technique using a lens glide. The jaws are specially designed so that only the tips meet, minimizing contact with the stroma. As the forceps pinch only the upper stromal layer of the donor button, no contact is made with the endothelium. The 23-gauge forceps include an ergonomic handle and an all-titanium body.

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