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Updated Femtosecond Laser

Carl Zeiss Meditec has introduced the next generation of its VisuMax femtosecond laser.

With a 500-kHz upgrade in the pulse repetition rate, the new system is designed to enhance the precision of the therapy, shorten treatment times and improve patient comfort.

In addition, VisuMax is the subject of a pending 510(k) in the United States for keratoplasty.

Carl Zeiss Meditec
877-486-7473 or


Intraoperative Aberrometer

WaveTec Vision Systems has launched its ORange system.

Designed for use in the operating room on a range of applications, the intraoperative wavefront aberrometer attaches to the surgical microscope and provides on-demand readings of sphere, cylinder and axis in approximately two to five seconds. It also features a dynamic range of –5 D to +20 D.

WaveTec Vision Systems


Wide-View Lens

Volk Optical has released the HRX (High Resolution eXtreme field) Vit Lens for indirect viewing of the entire retina during vitreoretinal surgical procedures.

Compared with the company’s previous offerings, Volk has expanded the field of view to 150 degrees for greater peripheral visualization and the treatment power to 0.43x magnification.

The lens is available in either a standard contact option or the company’s SSV (self-stabilizing vitrectomy) design. SSV lenses make direct contact with the cornea, eliminating the need for sutures or stabilizing rings, and reducing patient discomfort and surgical prep time.

Volk Optical
800-345-8655 or


Low Vision Products

Eschenbach has introduced two new magnifiers to its line of low vision products.

The Makrolux 3.6 magnifier combines magnification and LED illumination with ergonomic lens design to reduce neck strain and fatigue while reading.

The Makrolux features a 90-mm x 30-mm rectangular viewing area. The ridges on the bottom are intended to keep the lens 1 mm off the reading surface to prevent lens scratching.

The easyPOCKET is a 3-mm thick LED pocket magnifier available in 3x and 4x magnification. It features a 50-mm x 46-mm aspheric/diffractive hybrid lens, automatic- contact illumination and a fiberglass-enforced plastic case to minimize lens scratching.

800-487-5389 or


Visualizing Scope

Gulden Ophthalmics has introduced its EyeView Visualizing Scope to help patients explore and understand the interior of their eyes.

The device creates a minute pinpoint of light, and holding it up to the eye creates silhouettes of floaters on the retina, including bits of cells, protein strands, specks, granulated filaments and other materials primarily in the vitreous humor. In addition, the scope can be used to monitor cleanliness of contact lenses.

The handheld device uses an LED lamp and AAA batteries and features a pinhole light focuser. A booklet accompanying the scope shows images of typical normal and abnormal views that might be observed.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or


Absorbable Plug Variety Pack

Oasis Medical has added an Extended Duration Variety Pack to its line of three-month absorbable plugs.

The variety pack includes 10 pairs: One pair of 0.2-mm plugs, three pairs of 0.3-mm plugs, four pairs of 0.4-mm plugs and two pairs of 0.5-mm plugs.

One-size-only packs are also available in 0.2-mm, 0.3-mm, 0.4-mm and 0.5-mm sizes. These packs come with 10 or 20 pairs per box.

Oasis Medical
800-528-9786 or


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