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Cataract Experts Share Their Surgical Mishaps

The 2011 Cataract Spotlight Session focused on challenging surgeries. Here, EyeNet presents audience poll results and further discussion.

Clinical Update: Cornea

New Approach Emerges for Pterygium

During the past decade, the debate over the best approach to pterygium surgery has centered on whether surgeons should use sutures or fibrin glue to affix the conjunctival autograft. More recently, however, a novel approach has emerged that uses the patient’s own blood for graft fixation.

In the video above, Santanu Mitra, MBBS, and colleagues at Disha Eye Hospitals, Kolkata, India, review various techniques for pterygium surgery and perform a complete procedure using autoblood conjunctival graft fixation. In addition, they present their results from a series of 19 patients who underwent this procedure.

Morning Rounds

The Girl With Unexplained Visual Loss

After treatment for uveitis several years earlier, this 8-year-old girl had been in good health until she began having headaches and mouth sores. What's your diagnosis?

What Is the Physician’s Unique Skill? Experienced Intuition

Is this skill worth paying for? Only as long as patients demand it. Why should they demand it? Because their own experiences with providers who lack it are wanting in some respect. But perhaps you have an alternate skill to propose as unique to physicians. If so, feel free to post your ideas in our Comments box.
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