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November 2012

Academy Live 2012

FOLLOW THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE JOINT MEETING. Emailed nightly from Chicago, Academy Live allows ophthalmologists throughout the world to stay on top of news from the Academy's Subspecialty Day and Annual Meeting. Check your inbox for the latest meeting highlights or read Academy Live online.

And be sure to visit EyeNet's Joint Meeting publications page for the latest news and events in Chicago, as well as meeting tips and an in-depth look at the show floor.

Retinal Gene Therapy: Vectors Touch Down on New Targets

From inherited retinal dystrophies to AMD, the pace of gene therapy is picking up, spurred on by recent success with Leber congenital amaurosis. 

In November's Feature, EyeNet provides an update on current research and insights from leaders in the field.

Multimedia Extra: Clinical Update
In this month's Oculoplastics Clinical Update, EyeNet asked three experts to share their insights, tips, and personal approaches to performing ptosis surgery.

The slide show above outlines the steps in external levator aponeurotic resection.

(Images from the chapter written by John B. Holds, MD, and Yasaman Mohadjer, MD, in Basic Techniques of Ophthalmic Surgery. © 2009 American Academy of Ophthalmology.)

November 2012 Blink
Morning Rounds

A Tenacious Case of Snake Eyes

It was déjà vu for the patient: The vision of his right eye was blurry with a central dark spot. Six years before, the same thing happened in his left eye.

What's your diagnosis?

November 2012 Morning Rounds
EyeNet Extra

EHR: Lessons Learned

Download a copy of this EHR guide in which experts share lessons about Meaningful Use regulations, tips for getting more out of your EHR, and ways to calculate your return on investment. 

This supplement is also mailed with the November issue of EyeNet Magazine.

EHR: Lessons Learned 2012 Supplement

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