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December 2012

Who Knows Best? The Challenges of Shared Decision Making

When a course of treatment is being considered, what needs to be incorporated into the discussion with your patients? In particular, how should you address issues such as brand-new technology, off-label applications, and out-of-pocket costs?

In December's Feature, EyeNet discusses clinical decision making in a time of change and challenges.

Multimedia Extra: Practice Perfect
Is there a low-cost way to make high-definition videos of your surgeries? In this month's Practice Perfect, EyeNet shows how tech-savvy ophthalmologist Raj K. Maturi, MD, and his practice built a budget-friendly video system for its OR.

The video above is a brief surgical movie that was shot by Dr. Maturi on this do-it-yourself platform.

(Video provided courtesy of Raj K. Maturi, MD.)

December 2012 Blink
Morning Rounds

The Case of the Shimmering Spot

The patient came to the urgent care eye clinic complaining of a spot in the vision of her left eye. She had noted the change just the day before and described it as a dull gray shimmering area just to the temporal side of her central vision.

What's your diagnosis?

December 2012 Morning Rounds

Creaky? Most of Our Patients Are

The average patient in an adult practice can be assumed to be creaky in various ways. For example, they may like to keep their eyelids closed, and they may not be able to read as long as they used to. The healthiest patients deny, or at least downplay, this creakiness, as it threatens their precious sense of invincibility. As their physicians, we should honor their creaks and not medicalize them.
December 2012 Opinion

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