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April 2013

Attack the Stack: Finding the Gold in a Mountain of Research

Evidence from clinical trials is fundamental for informed decision making, but the sheer volume of the literature can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? 

Four epidemiologists provide expert guidance, with examples of key studies that changed ophthalmic practice as well as current strategies for gleaning the research findings that you can apply to your own patients.

Multimedia Extra: Ophthalmic Pearls
In this month's Ophthalmic Pearls, "How to Give Intravitreal Injections," EyeNet offers practical guidance for the delivery of intravitreal injections based on published, peer-reviewed literature, and expert consensus where evidence is lacking.

The slideshow above shows the basic steps of an injection.

(Images provided courtesy of Michelle E. Wilson and Adrienne W. Scott, MD.)

April 2013 Blink
Morning Rounds

The Curious Case of Progressive Myopia

The patient was frustrated. He needed new glasses again, for the fourth time in as many years. The 54-year-old insurance executive complained of progressive blurred vision in his left eye and noted that he had received an increasing myopic correction for that eye several years in a row. During that time, he told us, the vision in his right eye had not changed.

What’s your diagnosis?

April 2013 Morning Rounds


DICOM? What's That? Why You Should Care

It’s all about standards and interoperability. That is, do the various devices in the ophthalmology office work smoothly with one another in the EHR environment? The visual field machine, the OCT, the HRT, the digital camera, the image management system, and the EHR software all need to be “DICOM compliant,” meaning that they conform to an industry communication standard.

However, even as the market evolves, many companies still use proprietary communication protocols that effectively lock users into one vendor’s products or require the purchase of specialized “system interfaces” from that company.

April 2013 Opinion

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