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June 2013

The Squeeze Is On: Residency Programs Face New Pressures

Federal funding cuts, rising medical school enrollment, and capped residency slots—five ophthalmic educators discuss the threats and possible solutions.

Why Are Health Care Costs Slowing?

Also in this issue, David W. Parke II, MD, discusses some of the forces behind a declining growth rate in total U.S. health care costs and whether this trend will continue into the future.
Multimedia Extra: Ophthalmic Pearls
This month’s Ophthalmic Pearls provides an overview of endoscope-assisted surgery (EAS) in vitreoretinal visualization and repair, including training needed and pearls for use.

In the video above, Yale L. Fisher, MD, demonstrates EAS in the direct visualization and treatment of the anterior neovascular membrane in a case of diabetic retinopathy. Read "Endoscopy for Vitreoretinal Surgery" for an additional video demonstration of EAS in the visualization of infusion cannula positioning.

Videos provided courtesy of Dr. Fisher.

June 2013 Blink
Morning Rounds

Years of Steroids With No Solution

The patient started having episodes of painless, blurry vision in his right eye in 1989, the year he turned 32. He was diagnosed with right anterior uveitis, and he received short courses of topical steroids for periodic flare-ups. After eight years of recurrent anterior uveitis and its management, a significant cataract formed in his right eye. Cataract surgery was performed, and a posterior chamber IOL was inserted.

What’s your diagnosis?

June 2013 Morning Rounds


If You Are Hitchhiking, Are You Still on the Professional Road?

Freeloading on our colleagues is akin to hitchhiking. As a hitchhiker, you get a ride where you want to go, more or less, without paying the cost of gasoline or maintenance. But at least hitchhikers accept some risk from their behavior, while the freeloaders think they deserve to get away scot-free. This is what happens when your colleagues contribute to OphthPAC and to the Surgical Scope Fund, and the proceeds benefit all ophthalmologists, not just those who plunk down their money to support these causes.

June 2013 Opinion

We welcome letters on all issues raised in EyeNet, and on ophthalmology generally.

Share your thoughts with your colleagues by sending a letter to eyenet@aao.org.


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