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AAOE E-Code Listserv

E-Code Listserv

Join the E-Code online discussion forum. Exchange ideas and discuss issues related to billing and coding with your peers!

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General Questions

How does a listserv work?

A subscription to E-Code is a free benefit to all AAOE members with a current membership.

Members register and provide an e-mail address. Subscribers then receive and respond to messages sent by list members via e-mail. List members have the option to receive a daily digest version of e-mails sent to the list or receive individual e-mails immediately as they are posted.

What is E-Code?

E-Code is an unmoderated e-mail discussion group that provides billers, coders, ophthalmic administrators, office managers and managing physicians with a forum to openly exchange ideas and discuss issues related to billing and coding.

Subscribing to E-Code

How can I subscribe, unsubscribe or change my listserv e-mail address?

To begin, go to the manage E-Code subscription page (member login is required):

  • To Subscribe to the List: Under the 'New Users' heading click 'Subscribe to the list' link and follow the prompts.

  • To Unsubscribe from the List: Under the 'Existing Users' header, select 'Manage your list options'. Under the 'Unsubscribe' heading enter your e-mail address.

  • To Stop Mail Delivery: Under the 'Existing Users' header, select 'Manage your list options'. Under the 'Change Delivery' heading, click the 'stop mail' radio button. If you are on vacation or away from the office, you may wish to choose this option to avoid filling your inbox while you're away. When you are ready to receive mail again, return to the 'Change Delivery' section and click the 'standard' or 'mime digest' button to re-start your mail delivery.

  • To Change your E-Mail Address: Under the 'Existing Users' header, select 'Manage your list options'. Under the 'Change Your E-Mail Address' heading, enter your old e-mail address and click the 'change e-mail' button. You will need to change your e-mail for each list you subscribe to.

    NOTE: Changing your e-mail address will not change the address at which you receive your regular AAOE communication. To change the address at which you review your regular AAOE e-newsletters and additional member communications, send an e-mail with your member ID, old e-mail address and your new address to

What are my message delivery options?

In Standard mode, you receive individual e-mails one at a time as they are sent.

Mime digest mode delivers the day's posts to you in one e-mail and each post is sent as a text attachment in the body of the e-mail. Many members also find it helpful to manage listserv messages by creating a rule in Outlook [PDF 92K].

Posting Messages to E-Code

How do you post messages to the list?

Subscribe to E-Code (above) if you have not done so already. After you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You must reply to this e-mail or you will not be subscribed to the list. After confirming subscription, you have two options to send messages to the list:

Respond to an e-mail from the group using your inbox 'reply' button.

How can I send an attachment or share a document I've created?

Add attachments as you normally would to your e-mail and send it to the list via

I have subscribed, but I haven't received any postings in my inbox.

Your e-mail program's spam filter may be sending list e-mails into your "bulk or junk mail" folder instead of into your "inbox". Some e-mail programs allow you to change your filter preferences to redirect messages from specific lists into your inbox. If you are unable to change your e-mail program's preferences, remember to check your "bulk or junk mail" folder often to monitor activity.

Searching E-Code for Archived Messages

How can I search the list for archived messages?

  • Go to the manage E-Code subscription page and select 'Search Archived Messages'.
  • When you click on the Search archived messages, View current messages, or Send a new message links, you will be asked for your e-mail address.
  • Enter your e-mail address and click the OK radio button.
  • You are now logged in to your listserv accounts.
  • Click on the tabs along the top gray border to begin a search, view current messages or post a new message.

Rules of Participation

What are the rules of participation?

In order to participate in the E-Code listserv, you will be directed online to agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the E-Code Listserv Disclaimer  [PDF 276K]

Why can't we discuss salaries, fees or collective action on the listservs?

AAOE members participating in the listserv are doing so as members of an organization of competitors in the eyes of federal and state enforcers of antitrust laws. While one ophthalmologist can ask a colleague what she or he pays staff or charges to perform Lasik, these issues cannot be discussed in a forum sponsored by a professional society. The government views such pricing and other economic discussions as a way that competitors can fix prices, supply costs, salaries, and other economic measures in a noncompetitive manor that violates state and federal antitrust laws.

Participants can discuss Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement and codes, as these are the same for everyone. Discussions about concerted action towards private payers, insurance contract clauses and private payer reimbursement cannot be discussed. These rules protect AAOE, its members and  the Academy from costly legal actions and potential fines by the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice. For this reason, a poster who violates the rules will be barred from participating in the AAOE listserves and may, at the sole discretion of the AAOE Board of Directors, lose his or her membership in AAOE. 


AAOE listservs are intended to discuss business issues. Members should refrain from posting forwarded emails, contests and other emails that are not relevant to the business aspects of ophthalmology practice.
  • Be forthcoming in your messages about any potential financial conflict of interest.
  • If you repost something from another source, it is only ethical and helpful to give credit to the original poster along with the full citation. If you forward something from E-Code, make sure you give credit to the original poster and/or source.
  • DO NOT post any copyrighted material to the E-Code list unless you have acquired permission to do so from the holder(s) of the copyright.
  • Keep your messages short to conserve bandwidth and encourage others to read your messages; lengthy messages are not as inviting to readers as shorter messages.
  • Remember, no emphasis or emotional tone gets transmitted through e-mail. Jokes and sarcastic comments may be insensitive to others. Any criticism, personal attacks, and use of profanity are unwanted and will result in your removal from E-Code. You are responsible for what you post.
  • Use a descriptive subject line. Avoid subject lines such as “question” or “coding question”. Many people decide whether they want to read a message based on the content of the subject line and vague subject lines make it difficult to search the archive.

How Safe is E-Code?

Am I being protected from viruses?

The listservs allows you to send attachments via e-mail. Every attachment sent to the list is screened by anti-virus software before you receive it. However, this does not mean you cannot get a virus from someone subscribed to the list. If a subscriber is infected with a virus and responds directly back to you with an attachment instead of to the list, you may be infected. While we take every precaution to prevent viruses from spreading by way of the list, viruses will continue find ways to adapt and attempt to outsmart screening software. We will make every effort to continuously upgrade our virus protection software.

Always follow these rules when dealing with e-mail

  • Do not open attachments or click on links to websites embedded in the body of mail from people you do not know.
  • Do not open attachments with the following file extensions: .exe, .visa, .vba, .pff or any other unfamiliar extensions. You can respond to an individual who sends you an unexpected attachment to verify that it is safe to open.
  • If you run into difficulties, contact the administrator of the AAOE listservs by sending an e-mail message to outlining the details of your problem.

Also, note our virus protection software may at times incorrectly identify a harmless attachment as a virus and strip it from the e-mail before it is sent to the list. If you send an attachment to the list and this occurs, notify
If you have any questions about E-Code contact the list administrator.