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AAO 2014

AAOE General Session

Sunday, Oct. 19

Free program for AAOE attendees. Space is limited!

Online preregistration for AAO 2014 and AAOE sessions is now closed.  Register onsite  beginning Thursday, Oct. 16 — McCormick Place, Hall A.

Scott Deming — Back By Popular Demand!

Keynote Address: Powered by Purpose (SPE09)

Sponsored by:

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Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014 — 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Scott Deming AAOE General SessionSuccess ultimately comes down to an individual’s ability to articulate their brand values, create a framework or culture built around those values and lead others to the brand mission or purpose. Quite honestly, this keynote presentation, based on Scott Deming’s soon-to-be-released book "Powered by Purpose" is about individual leaders.

You might think, Wait, I’m not a leader and not everyone in the room is in a leadership position. This program isn’t for us. Stop right there! Before you decide that this program isn’t for you, let me pose a question: Just what is a leader?

A leader is:

•     someone who has a clear vision about what he or she wants to do;
•     someone who understands what’s important to himself or herself;
•     someone who is willing to shoulder the responsibility of accomplishing his or her goals; and
•     not necessarily someone already in a formal leadership role. In fact, there are people thrown into leadership roles who have no idea how they’re supposed to fulfill leadership duties.

You may be a natural born leader and know it, or you may be a natural born leader and just haven’t realized it yet. You may be a manager who wants to move up, a supervisor who wants to connect with those under your responsibility, or a CEO who needs to set a new course for a company. You may want to lead a sales department, a group of tourists through a museum, or a cause you believe is more important than your own status in life. You may be someone who has the passion and knowledge to accomplish great things — but also someone who does not think in terms of leadership. The fact is, if you’re not already, you will likely be in a leadership position one day. You need to be prepared. Why? Because you need to understand what it means for you to be a leader, not simply someone who is in a leadership position.

This program is devoted to the individual’s relationship to his or her values and purpose, and how better understanding your own values and purpose can lead to success.

FREE PROGRAM! Come early as seating is on a space-limited basis. Must be registered for AAO 2014.