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How the Top 5 Provisions of the New Affordable Care Act Will Affect Your Practice

Archived Webinar

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, will have ramifications across all aspects of the healthcare sector. How will it affect ophthalmologists as individuals, providers and employers? It is important for small and large practices to understand what is now being required under PPACA and how it will affect them as certain provisions go into effect in the coming years.

In this 60-minute archived webinar, legal experts from Wade, Goldstein, Landau & Abruzzo present what they see as five of the most important provisions that will affect ophthalmology so you don't get caught off guard when these new provisions start. 

Learning Ojectives

Order this archived webinar and:
  • Gain a better understanding of the small business health tax credit that PPACA provides. Is your practice eligible to receive this tax credit for your employees' health insurance expenses and if so, what is the value of that tax credit?
  • Learn what effect the "Automatic Enrollment: Employees of Large Employers" provision have on your practice. What additional responsibilities do employers have under the Act?
  • Understand your duties under "Transparency and Program Integrity" provisions, established to: (1) provide patients with more information so that they can better make decisions about their health care and (2) help combat fraud and abuse through disclosure requirements.
  • Get a firm grasp of how revenue offset provisions — which include certain taxes, fees and reporting requirements — will affect you and your practice as an employer and health care provider.
  • Understand if and how provisions relating to the Medicare Shared Savings Program and accountable care organizations (shared savings program under which groups of providers and suppliers may work together to coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries) will apply to your practice.

Presenter Bios

Jill S. Garabedian, Esq., is an associate at Wade, Goldstein, Landau & Abruzzo. She concentrates her practice in physician transactional matters, including employment negotiations, regulatory issues, as well as assisting physicians with employment matters.
Brenda N. Laigaie, Esq., is an attorney at Wade, Goldstein, Landau & Abruzzo. She Ms. Laigaie has a wide range of experience in health law focusing on physician contracting and transactional matters. Ms. Laigaie's practice concentrates on assisting physicians and their practices in all matters pertaining to payor contracting and negotiations, including responding to audits, overpayment demands, and related payment matters.
Robert A. Wade, Esq., is a partner at Wade, Goldstein, Landau & Abruzzo. He has extensive experience representing health care providers and related organizations. Mr. Wade focuses on physician contracting matters, including the formation of networks of physicians and health care institutions.


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