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Technology 911: EHR Implementation and ICD-10 Conversion

Archived Webinar

This archived webinar offers instruction on how to manage and overcome important challenges during EHR implementation and ICD-10 conversion.


  • Part one addresses how EHR implementation can affect the culture of your organization and the tools you need to survive the culture shock brought about by new processes.
  • Part two addresses ICD-10 conversion and how it will affect virtually every aspect of medical practice technology, especially your EHR system. Even though ICD-10 conversion has been temporarily postponed, there’s still a lot of work to do to make sure you’re on the road to a successful ICD-10 launch.

This webinar will help you to:

  • Understand how your reaction to new EHR processes impacts your team.
  • Anticipate your team members’ reactions and harness their strengths in order to implement your EHR system successfully.
  • Understand the technical impact that implementing ICD-10 codes will have on the technology in use by most medical practices, including EHRs, picture archiving and communication systems and coding software.
  • Anticipate items that vendors will not tell you about the ICD-10 upgrade.
  • Plan ahead, assess impact and engage your vendor in a meaningful discussion to ensure a successful transition.


Jeffery Daigrepont, senior vice president of Coker Group

Mr. Daigrepont specializes in health care automation, strategic planning, operations, and deployment of fully integrated information systems for medical practices and hospitals. He chaired the Ambulatory Information Systems Steering Committee of HIMSS. Mr. Daigrepont recently co-authored a top-selling book, Complete Guide and Toolkit to Successful EHR Adoption, published by HIMSS in 2011 and is credentialed by the American Academy of Medical Management (AAMM) with an Executive Fellowship in Practice Management (EFPM).  Mr. Daigrepont is a frequent presenter at the AAOE Annual Meeting Program.

Leah B. Tew, RN, MBA, director of healthcare informatics for Thomas Eye Group

Ms. Tew has extensive experience implementing and managing new technologies in ambulatory care settings, ranging from self check-in kiosks to complete EHR solutions. Her particular areas of interest include training, change management, and process and workflow re-engineering.


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