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Recorded Feb. 12
Don't leave your reputation to chance! Experienced online branding experts will give you tools to control your online reputation.

Live or recorded webinars allow you to show or screen informative presentations to as many staff as you want for one low price.


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March 17

Patient Portals, Meaningful Use and Your Patient Service Strategy
Description and registration details coming soon.

2014 Recorded Webinars

Feb. 12

Take Control of Your Online Reputation…Before Someone Else Does
Do you know how to protect your online reputation from dissatisfied, unhappy patients? Many patients rely on online reviews and ratings to choose providers and hospitals. Don't leave your reputation to chance! At this 60-minute webinar, experienced online branding experts will give you tools to control your online reputation.
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Jan. 13

2015 Ophthalmology Coding Update
Led by the Academy's coding experts, you'll learn about coding changes that will affect your practice in the coming year, understand areas targeted by audits and recognize the impact of fee schedule changes. The knowledge and skills you acquire will position you and your practice for success. Topics include: implementing new modifiers, new CPT, and Category III codes; applying Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) updates; understanding which ophthalmology-specific issues are being scrutinized by the Office of Inspector General and Recovery Audit Contractors; understanding the impact of Medicare fee schedule changes; and getting ready for the launch of ICD-10-CM on Oct. 1.
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Dec. 16

PQRS Reporting Changes for 2015
Avoid financial penalties from PQRS and the Value-Based Modifier by successfully reporting PQRS in 2015. This 60-minute recorded webinar will help you decipher the confusing rules and requirements of PQRS for 2015. It will provide you with the information you need to participate in the program and avoid future penalties. Topics covered: 2015 PQRS updates including cataracts measures group; measure changes; attesting for meaningful use and PQRS; options for all ophthalmic specialties; claims vs. registry reporting; target dates to assure success; verifying accuracy of reported data; 2015 Value-Based Modifier program updates; and 2015 ASC Quality Reporting program updates.
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Nov. 11

Recruiting and Training Technicians: Solutions to Your Staffing Shortfall
How do you ensure that your staff has the necessary skills to serve a growing patient population? In this 60-minute recorded webinar, patient-flow expert Jane Shuman will discuss strategies for recruiting and training technicians to ensure that patient safety, practice profitability and efficiency do not suffer because of technician shortage or poor training.
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Sept. 9

Creating a High-Performing Team to Boost Practice Profitability
Each player is key to achieving success. Now, you can learn how to lead a winning team where members work effectively and meet expectations to achieve the goals of the organization and realize the vision of owners. In this 60-minute recorded webinar, practice management expert Maureen Waddle, will show you how to get your team to support common goals and values. She will provide you with reporting tools, coaching techniques and examples of effective communication to improve their performance, measure results and enhance the success of the practice.
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Aug. 19

Achieve Efficient Practice Flow Systems and Increase Profitability
How would you like to see 40 to 50 percent more patients without working longer hours? In this 60-minute recorded webinar, practice-flow expert Larry R. Brooks will show you how to identify, quantify and minimize delays in providing patient care. He will discuss how delays hurt your bottom line and teach you how to achieve an efficient, more profitable, flow system.
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July 15

The Secret Truth of Optical Dispensing: The ‘Path to Purchase’ Revealed
Did you know you could be getting 30 percent or more of your practice revenue from your optical dispensary? With traditional revenue streams at risk, now is a great time for ophthalmic practices to diversify. In this 60-minute recorded webinar, optical dispensary expert Art De Gennaro will explain the “path to purchase” marketing strategy regularly used in retail and how it applies to ophthalmology. By the end of the webinar, participants will know how to maximize sales and revenue from optical dispensing, the predictable path eye health care consumers follow, how to turn patients and dispensary customers into “active loyalists” and more.
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June 17

HIPAA Compliance Essentials: What You Need to Know to Prepare for an Audit
The federal government has stepped up enforcement of HIPAA and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Find out if your practice meets HIPAA requirements for privacy, security and breach notification with this webinar. Expert instructors will show you what you need to know to evaluate your risk of noncompliance and identify areas to improve. Register today to learn how to be proactive and better prepared for a HIPAA audit or investigation. Compared to the cost of fines and civil penalties for noncompliance, audit prevention costs far less.
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June 10

Meaningful Use: Hardship Exemptions and Related Hot Topics
Did you know that physicians who are not able to meet meaningful use might qualify for temporary exemptions from CMS? Did you know that to satisfy meaningful use only certain personnel can use certified physician order entry (CPOE) systems? Find out about the meaningful use hardship exemption and other important ophthalmology-specific topics related to being a "meaningful user".

Topics covered include: Hardship exemptions for meaningful use and application deadline; Core measure 1 of meaningful use stage 2: Review the requirements for this measure and specifically discuss the requirements regarding certified assistants and radiology orders; How CMS' new proposals could impact the meaningful use program this year; Meaningful use reporting periods in 2014; Exemption for vital signs relating to ophthalmology and how to prepare for an audit request on this measure; Clinical quality reporting in 2014.
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April 29

Meaningful Use Stage 2: Patient Engagement and Patient Portals
Under CMS requirements for meaningful use stage 2, eligible providers and hospitals must actively engage patients in specific measurable ways. This one-hour webinar will explain how and why a patient portal can help you meet the CMS requirements and improve patient care. By the end of the webinar, attendees will have a greater understanding of CMS' patient-engagement requirements and how to meet them.
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March 26

Attesting to Meaningful Use Stage 2 in 2014
This one-hour webinar will explain in detail: 1) How practices can take advantage of the financial incentive for meaningful use of certified EHR technology and 2) How practices can avoid penalties by becoming a meaningful user in 2014. Topics covered include: meaningful use, incentives and penalties, achieving meaningful use by meeting stage 2 core or menu measures and quality measures ophthalmology practices should report to attest meaningful use.
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Feb. 26

Increasing the Productivity and Profitability of Your Practice and ASC Through Your EHR
About 40 percent of practices currently use electronic health records (EHR) in their clinic. Yet many EHR users complain that using the system increases costs and decreases workplace efficiency and productivity. This one-hour webinar shows how to avoid the drawbacks some practices and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) experience after implementing an EHR system. By the end of the webinar, attendees will learn ways to use their EHR system to simplify workflow and improve the bottom line.
Co-sponsored by the Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society (OOSS)
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Dec. 17

Bonus or Penalty: What You Need to Know about Quality Reporting in 2014
Physicians participating in Medicare who do not meet quality measure reporting and e-prescribing requirements in 2013 and 2014 will miss out on bonus payments and see a cut in Medicare reimbursements beginning in 2015. This 60-minute webinar will help you decipher the confusing rules and requirements of the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), e-prescribing and other Medicare quality reporting programs.
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Feb. 20

Increase Your Success and Profitability by Minimizing Patient Wait Times
In this webinar, Scott E. Brodie, MD, PhD, professor of ophthalmology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, will help you improve patient satisfaction by decreasing wait times. Dr. Brodie will discuss the causes of prolonged patient wait times and the strategies which can be implemented immediately to minimize them.
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