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NEW! Eligible Professional (EP) Payment Adjustment Reconsideration Application: Complete only if you received a letter from CMS stating that you are subject to the 2015 Medicare EHR payment adjustment and feel that this payment adjustment is in error.

Vendor Contract Review

Exclusive Offer for AAOE Members — Get A FREE EHR Vendor Contract Inspection for New Purchases or Renewals

Jeffrey Daigrepont, senior vice president at the Coker Group, a nationwide consultancy headquartered in Atlanta, will inspect your vendor contract for pitfalls and concerns and provide guidance on how to remediate any issues discovered.

Complete the online form to begin the EHR vendor contract review process.

This FREE contract review may help your practice with:

  • New purchase of EHR or practice management systems
  • Meaningful use guarantees and/or compliance with federal standards
  • Specific ophthalmology terminology such as device integration, surgery centers, optical shops, use of eye codes
  • System upgrades to meet new requirements like ICD-10-CM
  • Data protection
  • Vendor performance warranties
  • Vendor consolidations or mergers
  • EHR replacement or conversions
  • Exit strategies

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client or other professional relationship between you and the contract reviewer. Any final agreement should be reviewed by your own legal and accounting providers.

CMS Announces Proposed Change to Meaningful Use Implementation Timeline 

CMS has announced a proposed change to the timeline for meaningful use implementation. According to the revision, Stage 2 will be extended through 2016 and Stage 3 will start in 2017 for eligible professionals (EPs) who have complete Stage 2 for at least two years. Consequently, the proposed change delays the reporting period for Stage 2 and 3 for one year.

This extension does not affect the requirements for attestation in 2014. EPs in Years 1-2 will use Stage 1 guidelines, and Years 3-4 will follow Stage 2 requirements next year.

The new timeline creates additional time for CMS to review the implementation of Stage 2 and evaluate the progress of specific measures including patient access and health information exchange. The proposed rules for Stage 3 are expected in the fall of 2014 and final regulations in 2015.

Additional Resources:

EHR Meaningful Use Attestation

Physicians are eligible for EHR incentive payments equal to 75 percent of their allowed Medicare charges for the calendar year, up to a maximum incentive of $44,000* over 5 years. CMS’ new attestation form will provide instant feedback to inform physicians if they have successfully met the meaningful use requirements.
“If 2014 is the first year that a physician participates in the Medicare EHR incentive program, he or she must attest to meeting the Stage 1 Meaningful Use objectives for any 90-day period during the calendar year to be eligible for incentives up to $24,000* per physician over 3 years. In order to avoid the 2015 meaningful use penalty, physicians who were attesting for the first time had a continuous 90-day reporting period and should have attested by Oct. 1, 2014. If this deadline was missed, physicians in their first year may still attest for 90-days by Feb. 28, 2015 to now avoid the 2016 penalty.

 *EHR incentive payments are subject to the 2% sequestration reduction starting in 2013.

Physicians who are reporting their second year of Stage 1 meaningful use in 2014 may choose any 3 month calendar quarter as their reporting period. These physicians have already successfully avoided the 2015 penalty by attesting to meaningful use in 2013. Successful attestation in 2014 avoids the 2016 meaningful use penalty. The deadline to report for 2014 is Feb. 28, 2015. 

For complete details, visit the Meaningful-Use page on EHR Central.

Attestation Resources

Introducing the Academy's New IRIS™ Registry 

The Nation’s First Comprehensive Eye Disease Clinical Registry will Feature Quality Benchmarking, Measurement and Reporting

The American Academy of Ophthalmology is launching the IRIS™ Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight), the nation’s first comprehensive, electronic health record-based eye disease clinical registry, which will enable ophthalmologists across the country to use clinical data to improve care delivery and patient outcomes. The ophthalmology registry will also help automate the reporting of quality measures for the federal Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), streamlining the way for ophthalmologists to qualify for payment bonuses and avoid penalties. The registry will be available to all U.S. Academy members in early 2014.

Learn more about the IRIS™ Registry and the benefits of participation.

Medical Information Technology 

The Academy's Medical Information Technology site on the ONE Network contains useful information, interviews, survey results and documents that address interoperability of information systems and devices in the office and standards for EHRs.

DISCLAIMER: The Academy and AAOE do not endorse or recommend any specific EHR products, services or companies. The information presented in EHR Central is for informational purposes only.

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