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The Exit Interview

Author: Ann Hulett

Turnover is a reality for most practices. So your soon-to-be “previous employee” will be departing the practice. What can he or she possibly have to say that you really want to hear? This was how I had perceived Exit Interviews in past years. Recently, I have come to recognize the value of this process. No longer do I view it as an optional management tool.

I now see the Exit Interview as a due diligence process necessary to improve my management skills and to protect the practice.

The process of conducting an Exit Interview is not a lunch date where you casually ask the departing employee what they think about the organization. It is an information gathering process that does not have to take a lot of time but does need to be completed in its entirety.

Some time ago, I was motivated by a form that Walt Underwood of Thomas Eye Group posted to E-talk. We utilized Walt’s experience and developed our internal form [PDF 133K] for documenting Exit Interviews. The first page is completed by the employee and the second page is completed in tandem by the interviewer and the employee’s supervisor. The form facilitates a process that has multiple purposes.

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