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Financial Benchmarking

Fiscal year 2013 data collection now closed.

For practices that completed at least 60% of the survey:

See also: Academetrics Overview (including Salary Survey)

AcadeMetrics: Ophthalmic Benchmarking Survey

The Academy/AAOE Benchmarking Survey is a web-based survey to help you measure financial performance and practice efficiency. Fiscal year 2013 data collection closed May 31. QUESTIONS? E-mail

Fiscal year 2014 data collection opens Spring 2015.

Comparison and reporting tools

Comparison and reporting now open (for practices that completed at least 60 percent of the survey). Questions? Email

  • Please note: Identifiers specific to your practice will be stripped from the final data set, and the number of data sets displayed in the reporting tools (either the complete aggregate set or any filtered set as defined by the user) must be equal to or greater than ten (10) complete data sets.
  • Tools are provided to help you interpret your data.
  • Coming soon: participating practices will be able to download a recorded webinar that will help you interpret your results.

Compare Practices Tab: Shows raw data comparisons of your practice to other practices for data points such as collections, number of FTE MDs and ODs, number of encounters, etc. The purpose of this report section is to give participants a sense of how their practice compares in size and scope to the other practices in the database. For example, you could use those reports to see how you compare to other practices with the same subspecialty, and/or you can filter the reports by geographic region, number of doctors, etc. (Note that for some filter combinations with few practices responding, no data will be shown.)

Reports & Charts Tab: Here you can choose the parameters for the reports (e.g. specialty, region, number of offices, etc.), and you’ll find comparisons to the usual benchmarks that we review in ophthalmology. For example, the Academetrics Annual Practice Report has a graph that compares the practice’s collections per FTE ophthalmologist ratio to the 25th, 50th and 75th percentiles for all practices in the database. The Optical Report has similar graphs of the usual optical ratios.

The Tabular Report has all of the benchmark ratios that the survey tracks and also includes the comparisons of data entered for those who want both in a single report. The tabular report has sections for Staff Productivity, Accounts Receivable, Provider Production and Optical. The ratios cover the most common ones used in ophthalmology plus some that aren’t often tracked but can be very helpful (total encounters per front office staff and clinical staff, clinic operating expenses per encounter, etc.)

AcadeMetrics Salary Survey

The Academy has also launched the Academetrics: Ophthalmic Salary Survey. Learn more at

AcadeMetrics Disclaimer

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives (AAOE) welcome you as a participant to the AcadeMetrics Benchmarking Survey. By submitting the practice registration form, you are acknowledging you have read and agree to be bound by the Academy Terms of Service (TOS), Academy Privacy Policy, and terms of service specific to the AcadeMetrics Benchmarking Survey as found below.

The AcadeMetrics Benchmarking Survey is provided to you for your use as a member benefit. When you register your Authorized Data Respondent for the project, you are acknowledging that you are voluntarily entering your Practice's data for inclusion into the aggregate database, which is accessible by other Benchmarking Survey participants. We reserve the right to exclude data that appears to be erroneous or markedly inconsistent. The Academy will not display on its website nor share with anyone else except internal staff (if deemed necessary) through any other means (email, electronic document, printed material or otherwise) your registration information (Practice demographics) either alone or in conjunction with your Practice's data. Additionally, identifiers specific to your practice will be stripped from the final data set, and the number of data sets displayed in the reporting tools (either the complete aggregate set or any filtered set as defined by the user) must be equal to or greater than ten (10) complete data sets. The Academy is adhering to the requirements set forth by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding benchmarking practices, and it can not be held liable if by chance your Practice is identified by another member.

Should the registered Authorized Data Respondent leave the employment of the Practice submitting your Practice data, they are to immediately cease use of the Benchmarking password and username. You acknowledge that it would be a violation of civil and criminal law should your registered Authorized Data Respondent access your private, proprietary data after they have ended their employment with the Practice. You further understand that providing access to the Benchmarking database to any other party other than the Authorized Data Respondent registered for your Practice is also a violation of the law and subject to applicable punishment. The Benchmarking data is provided for your use only and should not be forwarded, posted, emailed, reproduced or published in any on-line, print, or electronic media.