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Building Your Practice

Tools and knowledge to grow your practice and expand your patient base.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for Practice Executives

In these difficult economic times, eye care practices need to focus more than ever on the basics of practice management.

Strategic planning is important for ophthalmology practices because it provides a framework for analyzing the practice’s current situation, for making decisions about changes that are needed to improve results, and for monitoring progress over time. Continue reading, Strategic Planning for Practice Executives.

   Download the AAOE/BSM Strategic Planning for Practice Executives Guide [PDF 2.57MB]

Strategic Planning for the Ophthalmic Practice

Free Webcast - AAOE Member Benefit

Strategic planning is vital for practices of all sizes to remain competitive, capitalize on challenges and take advantage of opportunities for growth. In this 60 minute webcast, practice executives and physicians will understand how a strategic plan influences successful management of practice and guides you through the process of adopting change. A model for thinking strategically about your practice will be shared during the webinar. The target audience includes practice administrators and physicians who have responsibility for analyzing, selecting, and pursuing strategic options for their practices. View Strategic Planning for the Ophthalmic Practice webcast


10 Tips to Grow Your Practice

Administrators and managing physicians often view marketing solely as advertising to attract new patients. However, marketing is much more than promotion – it involves strategic activity to move your practice in a desired direction. There are many activities that might be considered innovative management that fit under the broad definition of marketing. These included strategic planning, patient relations, insurance plan contracting, recall systems, practice hours, practice acquisition, office location and ancillary products and services. Continue reading, 10 Tips to Grow Your Practice.

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  1. Assessing the Marketplace
  2. Branding on a Budget
  3. Maximizing Patient Referrals
  1. Effective Web Site Design and Online Marketing Strategies
  2. Protect Your Online Reputation
  3. Using Local Media to Promote Your Practice

Marketing Products from the Academy

Patient Satisfaction

Surveying Your Patients: A Critical Aspect to Winning Patients and Keeping Them for Life

The key to developing a successful ophthalmology practice is to understand what your patients expect from your practice and then to find ways to exceed their expectations. Surveying your patients is an easy and effective means to acquire this information. Continue reading, Surveying Your Patients: A Critical Aspect to Winning Patients and Keeping Them for Life.

Meeting the High Expectations of Today’s Patient

Now more than ever, ophthalmology is a business — and those in this business need to be mindful of meeting the expectations of an increasingly discerning and educated patient population. One practice administrator explains reasons today’s patients expect more and offers effective approaches for satisfying these new patient expectations. Continue reading, Meeting the High Expectations of Today’s Patient.

Patient Education

Is Your Practice EyeSmart?

The Academy's public education program empowers Americans to take charge of their eye health. EyeSmart emphasizes the need for Americans to know their risk factors for eye diseases, infections and injuries, and the role ophthalmologists play in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of eye conditions.

Optical Dispensaries

The Optical Dispensary: Path to Purchase

A Customer’s Journey, Your Opportunity - The path to purchase is a marketing term. It refers to the mental journey a consumer takes from the time he or she becomes aware of a need until the time that the consumer (hopefully) purchases the product. Your goal as a marketer is to convert the consumer into a shopper and that shopper into a buyer from you. Marketers know that there are five phases the consumer passes through on the path to purchase. They are: Awareness; Consideration; Purchase: Retention and Advocacy. Continue reading, The Optical Dispensary: Path to Purchase.

How an Optical Dispensary Benefits the Practice and Patient Care

Ophthalmologists and patients greatly benefit when knowledgeable ophthalmologists take an active role in the management of the optical dispensary. In general ophthalmology practice, vision exams are the most common reason for patient appointments. Therefore, in addition to being able to treat diseases, ophthalmologists should also be well informed about the technicalities of eyeglasses.

A parallel consideration of having an optical dispensary is an economic one. Ophthalmic practices are financially threatened by low reimbursement rates and drastic Medicare cuts. The optical dispensary creates additional revenue with virtually no malpractice exposure. Continue reading, How an Optical Dispensary Benefits the Practice and Patient Care.

Can You Teach My Opticians How to Sell? What Every Ophthalmic Administrator Should Know About Professional Dispensary Selling Techniques

A well trained salesperson knows that there are seven distinctive parts to a retail sales transaction and that the techniques must be used in a specific order and that each technique must be executed thoroughly. Opticians who use this formula close more sales and higher sales than those who do not. Continue reading, Can You Teach My Opticians How to Sell? What Every Ophthalmic Administrator Should Know About Professional Dispensary Selling Techniques.

OOSS ASC Symposium at AAO 2014

The Entrepreneurial ASC: Embracing Policy, People, Possibilities and Planning (SPE24)

Saturday, October 18, 12 to 4 p.m. — Morial Convention Center, Chicago
Free Course sponsored by Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society (OOSS). No ticket required!

Join OOSS members and industry leaders for this engaging luncheon/learn symposium focusing on contemporary legislative, regulatory, reimbursement, business and marketing issues that affect the performance of the ophthalmic ASC.
The program will encompass ophthalmic ASC industry and market trends; major regulatory and reimbursement challenges emanating from Congress and CMS, including ASC facility reimbursement, quality reporting, EHR, and Medicare Conditions for Coverage requirements; considerations for integrating new services and technologies into the ASC, including femtosecond laser and vitreoretinal surgery; and an update on clinical and economic benchmarking, including best practices in facility management and OR efficiency.

Visit the OOSS website in advance of AAO 2014 for additional details.

OOSS Symposium Recordings

2013 Recording  Bending the ASC Performance Curve

Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society Symposium entitled, Bending the ASC Performance Curve, recorded Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 — Morial Convention Center, New Orleans.

2012 Recording — Enhancing Quality, Productivity, and Profits in the 21st Century Ophthalmic ASC

The OOSS Symposium entitled, Enhancing Quality, Productivity, and Profits in the 21st Century Ophthalmic ASC, recorded, Saturday, Nov. 12, 2012—McCormick Place, Chicago.