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Patient Flow

Maximizing patient flow is key to building efficiency in the practice.

Designing Effective Ophthalmic Medical Space

Efficiency and improved performance are your main motivations behind any capital investment decision. A common mistake with new medical facilities is to approach the design as if it were an architectural project. While these are important considerations, you must not lose sight of your overall goal—to develop a facility that improves patient flow and helps to capture revenue of ancillary services or products. Continue reading, Designing Effective Ophthalmic Medical Space.

Using Technology to Improve Your Practice Flow and Efficiency

The use of technology in ophthalmology practices is widespread when it comes to the medical side of the practice. But in other areas of your practices, technology lags behind.

For instance, have you ever counted:

  • How many times a patient is asked the same question in your practice?
  • How long it takes to register/check in a patient?
  • How much time is spent walking to deliver information or instructions in your practice?

We have measured all these things — and you would be amazed at how much time is consumed by these tasks every day. Technology is readily available that could return that time to the practice to be used more effectively. Continue reading, Using Technology to Improve Your Practice Flow and Efficiency.

Increase Your Success and Profitability by Minimizing Patient Wait Times

Archived Webinar

Surveys repeatedly show that extended wait times are a major source of patient dissatisfaction. Why is patient satisfaction so important? According to Press Ganey, the leader in patient satisfaction measurement and improvement, it is critical to medical practices because it can lead to more success and profitability.

Scott E. Brodie, MD, PhD, professor of ophthalmology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine discusses the causes of prolonged patient wait times and the strategies which can be implemented immediately to minimize them.

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