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Helping New Employees Succeed

As a manager when you have a new hire, your goal is to get that employee off to a good start in terms of fitting in, learning the job requirements, and performing well. The stage you set for your new employees during their first few months on the job greatly impacts whether or not this goal is attained. Here are six great methods to help you train a new employee. Continue reading, Helping New Employees Succeed.

Is Your Practice a Good Fit?

What is career satisfaction and how do we achieve it? Satisfaction brings us gratification. Our career can be considered our occupational journey or advancement in a profession which brings us fulfillment and enjoyment.

But how many administrators actually manage their career or optimize their satisfaction as they manage the organization? That is precisely why we should strive to evaluate career growth and satisfaction regularly. This can most effectively be accomplished by evaluating many factors of our work life including: work/life balance, working relationships, growth opportunities. Continue reading, Is Your Practice a Good Fit?.

Join the AAOE Discussion Forums

With AAOE listservs, you have access to thousands of your peers via these online community forums. Post an unlimited number of questions on E-Talk, E-Code and E-Retina and receive prompt answers/insights from fellow practice managers, ophthalmologists, consultants, and qualified AAOE staff. On just one day, you’ll find topics ranging from turnaround on posting of charges, to ICD-10, to DME billing, to office financial policy, to 92136 coding, to office cell phone policy, and more.

Join the AAOE online discussion forums (listervs). Learn, share opinions and network with your peers!

Volunteer Committees

Professionals helping professionals Connect — Grow — Lead. AAOE is your collaborative community of ophthalmic physicians and professionals. Share your skills with your peers you and cultivate your talents by participating in our volunteer committees:

  • Editorial Board
  • Annual Meeting Planning Committee
  • Annual Meeting Program Committee
  • Networking Team.

Contact Sangeeta FernandesAAOE Program and Content Manager, to get involved.