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Staff Management

Get your team to support common goals and values, improve their performance, and enhance the success of the practice.

AAOE resources help you enhance your professional development and manage and motivate your high performance team.

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How to Manage a Challenging and Diverse Staff

In the eyes of most managers and administrators, one of the most difficult aspects of management is human resources. Let’s face it: people can be difficult. Trying to manage people is an even bigger challenge. So how does a good administrator juggle all of these issues? Here are some suggestions for optimizing your staff management skills. 

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Team Building: An Essential Management Skill

Quality managers are always scouting for new players and anticipating change. Managers prepare their team for roster changes. In a medical practice, it’s important that team members be cross trained for different positions. Cross training helps the team gain appreciation for the work of other team members and makes the team more resilient to change. This new era of health care will require practices that are able to deliver high-quality, low-cost, personalized eye care. This goal will necessitate teams of high-performance individuals who are motivated to work efficiently and cooperatively.

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Policies and Procedures

Efficiency through Effective Policies & Procedures

Efficiency in the organization: Policies, procedures, protocols and job descriptions create efficiency and eliminate some administrative stress by:

  • Maximizing training time
  • Minimizing trickle down learning
  • Setting expectations for behavior and conduct
  • Assisting new employees in learning the job
  • Encouraging uniformity
  • Keeping things fair and equitable
  • Holding staff accountable
  • Outlining duties and responsibilities
  • Providing doctors a resource when staff members come to them with complaints about policy.

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