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Going Solo or Becoming a Partner

Tools to address educational of needs of younger or new to practice ophthalmologists.

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YO Info Employment and Contract Negotiation Archive

Visit the Young Ophthalmologist Web Site for Academy resources for YOs including the Employment and Contract Negotiation Archive

Visit the YO Info™ page to read the latest issue of the Young Ophthalmologist's Newsletter. Catch up on past issues by accessing the YO Info™ Issue Archives.

Online Courses

2013 Annual Meeting Highlights - Courses for YO's

10 selected courses include audio and sequenced slides.

2013 Highlights are a member benefit for AAOE and Academy members.

Courses for Young Ophthalmologists

  • Recognizing and Preventing Embezzlement
  • Using Benchmarks and Budgets to Guide your Financial Decisions
  • Investing in New Services: Making Sound Business Decisions
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security: Trends, Developments, and Issues
  • Optical Dispensing: Is It Financially Feasible for Your Practice?
  • Seeking Shelter Under the Hospital Umbrella: From Employment Agreements to Professional Services Agreements
  • The First Few Years of Practice: Some Key Concepts for Young Ophthalmologists
  • Ophthalmology for Non-Clinical Personnel
  • Top 10 Success Tips for your EHR Implementation
  • Training the Front Office Staff.

Interviewing and Contracting

Whether you're preparing to interview, or ready to sign your first contract,  AAOE resources can help you:


Looking to join a group practice, AAOE resources can help you.