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Achievement Award Program

The Achievement Award program recognizes individuals who participate in the scientific programs at the Annual Meeting and encompasses more than 25 categories of contribution to the Academy.

Consideration for an Achievement Award
The award program is based on a cumulative point system; one point is awarded for each area of contribution, and an individual can earn a maximum of three points per year. For example, if an individual serves on a committee and presents two papers, one instruction course and one poster during the Annual Meeting, they receive one point for committee participation, only one point for the papers, and one point for the instruction course. They could not receive a fourth point for the poster. Informational posters and exhibits are not awarded points toward the Achievement Award Program.

  • 10 points-Individual is eligible to receive an Achievement Award.
  • 30 points-Individual is eligible to receive a Senior Achievement Award.
  • 60 points-Individual is eligible to receive a Life Achievement Honor Award.

Areas of Contribution

Annual Meeting

  • Instruction Course, Skills, or Breakfast with the Experts: Course Director, Senior Instructor, or Instructor
  • Film or Video Production: Senior Author or Co-Author
  • Scientific Paper Presentation: Senior Author, Co-Author, or Discussant
  • Scientific Poster Presentation: Senior Author or Co-Author*
  • Scientific Exhibitor: Presenters*
  • Symposia: Presiding Officer, Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, or Presenter
  • Subspecialty Day: Chairperson, Moderator, Presenter, or panelist

Other categories of contribution for Academy service

  • Committee Members
  • Representatives
  • Councilors
  • Board of Trustees
  • Participants in the Academy's Leadership development Program
  • Retiring State Society Presidents
  • Authors, Co-Authors and Reviewers of Academy Educational Material
  • Support of Advocacy Efforts
    • Attend Congressional Advocacy Day and submit a completed meeting response form
    • Are an Academy Congressional Advocate and either
      • Have provided a completed meeting response form following a call or personal meeting with a member of Congress and/or staff
      • Have hosted a fundraising event for an OPHTHPAC-approved candidate/member of Congress (staff must be able to verify with the campaign and/or AAO member provides documentation such as a copy of the event invitation)

* Informational posters and exhibits are not awarded points toward the Achievement Award. Program.

Achievement Awards Nomination Process
Individuals who accumulate the required number of points are automatically nominated and presented to the Awards Committee. A two-thirds majority vote of the committee is required to nominate an individual for an Achievement Award. Nominations are forwarded to the Board of Trustees for final approval and recipients are notified before the Annual Meeting.

Receiving an Achievement Award
Each recipient receives an award certificate and his/her photograph appears in the Annual Meeting Final Program. Recipients of the Achievement and Senior Achievement Award can also purchase lapel pins.