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Laureate Recognition Award

Laureate Recognition Award

Every year, ophthalmologists distinguish themselves and the profession by making exceptional scientific contributions toward preventing blindness and restoring sight worldwide. The Academy's Board of Trustees will recognize these extraordinary contributions with its Laureate Award, the Academy's single highest honor.

The Laureate Award may be given to individuals who:

  • Developed new techniques accepted worldwide.
  • Made a seminal invention or adapted a previous technology.
  • Introduced a new treatment modality.
  • Discovered the etiology of a disease state.
  • Reassessed previous findings, resulting in a significant shift in treatment.
  • Established new standards of quality care in ophthalmology.
  • Made breakthroughs in genetic understanding.
  • Conducted primary research in new pharmacological product.
  • Made a significant advance in eye care worldwide.

The award may be made at the discretion of the Laureate Recognition Selection Committee for accomplishments of significance either past or present. One award (living) can be awarded annually, however, it is not necessary to present awards each year; the Selection Committee and/or the board may recommend and vote not to give it at all in any given year.

The Academy is currently accepting nominations (until Jan. 30) for the 2015 Laureate Award.