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Laureate Recognition Awardees

Laureate Recognition Awardees


Jerry Shields, 2014 LaureateJerry A. Shields, MD

Recognized for his exceptional leadership and monumental contributions to ophthalmology and ocular oncology in research, education and patient care.


Daniel M Albert MDDaniel M. Albert, MD, MHS

Recognized for his seminal contributions to ophthalmology including those in patient care, education, research, ophthalmic history, medical ethics, journal editing and administration.


Ryan_Stephen 2012Stephen J. Ryan, MD

Recognized for his valuable and innumerable contributions to the field of vitreoretinal disease and ocular trauma; Dr. Ryan's key leadership impact in major national and international organizations has reshaped not only ophthalmology but the entire field of medicine.


Alfred Sommer, MD, MHSAlfred Sommer, MD, MHS

Recognized for his remarkable career and lasting contributions to ophthalmology, epidemiology and public health worldwide through his discovery of the link between vitamin A deficiency and childhood blindness and mortality.


Bradley Straatsma, MDBradley R. Straatsma, MD, JD

Recognized for his unique contributions to the science of ophthalmology through innovative research in posterior segment pathology and his leadership in enhancing ophthalmic education institutions and organizations worldwide.


Bernard Becker MDBernard Becker, MD

Recognized as a pioneer in ophthalmic research, clinical care, education and leadership. He is widely accepted as a world expert on the treatment of intraocular pressure regulation and neuroprotection of the optic nerve.


Professor Allan C BirdProfessor Alan C. Bird, MD

Recognized as a pioneer in ophthalmic research, teaching and clinical medicine. He is one of the world's experts on the treatment of retinal vascular disease and genetic and degenerative retinal disorder.


Claes H. Dohlman MDClaes H. Dohlman, MD

Recognized as the founder of modern corneal science and for his years of teaching and educating young ophthalmologists in the field of cornea.


Lorenz E. Zimmerman, MDLorenz E. Zimmerman, MD

Widely recognized for his many contributions to our understanding of a broad spectrum of diseases of the eye and for his ability to clearly communicate his cogent observations to ophthalmologists in clinical practice through a series of seminal publications and lucid lectures.


Arnall Patz, MDArnall Patz, MD

A gifted teacher and clinician who saved the sight of an untold number of newborns when he suspected oxygen had a role in the alarming number of retrolental fibroplasia cases among premature infants.


Danièle S. Aron Rosa, MD, PhDDanièle S. Aron Rosa, MD, PhD

Honorary professor and chair of ophthalmology, Park University, and chair of ophthalmology at Hospital Robert Debrè and Foundation Rothschild in Paris; inventor of the YAG Laser for the treatment of posterior capsule opacity (secondary cataract).

J. Donald M. Gass, MDJ. Donald M. Gass, MD

Professor at both the University of Miami School of Medicine and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, well known for his research on diseases of the retina, macula and uvea, much of which was done in Miami.

Marshall M. Parks, MDMarshall M. Parks, MD

Almost single-handedly created the subspecialty field of pediatric ophthalmology; world-renowned for his contributions to understanding and treating amblyopia and strabismus.


Charles D. Kelman, MDCharles D. Kelman, MD

New York Medical College clinical professor of ophthalmology and attending surgeon at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital; pioneered phacoemulsification and invented the cryoprobe.

Robert Machemer, MDRobert Machemer, MD

Former chairman of the Duke University department of ophthalmology; invented the vitreous infusion suction cutter, which allowed surgeons to more safely remove vitreous from the eye.

Charles L. Schepens, MDCharles L. Schepens, MD

Harvard Medical School clinical professor emeritus and president of the Eye Research Institute of the Retina Foundation; is the father of modern retinal surgery.