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About the Academy
Outstanding Advocate Award
The Outstanding Advocate award was created in 2008 to recognize Academy members who participate in advocacy-related efforts at either the state and/or federal level. Nominees must perform advocacy functions in their capacity as an ophthalmologist. The nominee must be a fellow or member in good standing of the Academy who has demonstrated a pattern of advocating for the profession at the state and/or federal level(s) over a period of at least several years. Qualifying service might include, but is not limited to:
  • Implementing fundraiser(s) for political candidates;
  • Lobbying for federal legislation or regulatory issues introduced by the Academy, or providing opposition to adverse legislation and/or regulatory issues;
  • Instrumental in helping to grow his/her state ophthalmology society PAC;
  • Lobbying for state legislation or regulatory issues introduced or endorsed by the state ophthalmology society and/or relevant subspecialty societies, or providing opposition to adverse legislation and/or regulatory issues;
  • Participating in Academy Congressional Advocacy Day visits;
  • Presenting/arranging for residents’ advocacy program(s) at state level;
  • Instrumental in key Academy advocacy outcome (i.e. getting a bill introduced, meeting/negotiating ophthalmology’s position with key member(s) of Congress, securing coalition partner(s) for a particular advocacy effort, etc.);
  • Instrumental in implementing a state legislator advocacy plan, including a key contact program wherein an ophthalmologist contact representing the state ophthalmology society is provided for each legislator;
  • Holding key leadership position(s) within the state medical association serving to raise the issues of concern to ophthalmology.
2014 Outstanding Advocate Award Recipients