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About the Academy
Guidelines for Committee Membership
  • All committee members shall be voting fellows, voting members or international members of the Academy.
  • Individuals holding other classifications of membership in the Academy and nonmembers of the Academy may serve on Academy committees as consultants.  Consultants may be appointed on the basis of expertise that enables the individual to make a significant contribution to the committee's work.  Academy membership is not a requirement for appointment as a consultant; however, specific approval from the Senior Secretary or Executive Vice President is needed.
  • Committee membership should be limited to seven members, including the chair and consultants.*
  • Committee chairs, committee members and consultants are appointed for one calendar year, with reappointment based on significant contributions to the committee.
  • Committee chairs, committee members and consultants may be reappointed to serve a maximum of five one-year terms on a committee.* If a committee member is appointed as chair, that member is eligible to serve a maximum of an additional five years as chair.
  • To ensure that all committee members are not replaced in the same year, thereby losing continuity, you are encouraged to replace at least one member each year.
  • Members should serve on no more than two Academy committees.*

*Requests for exceptions to these guidelines must be submitted to the Board of Trustees at the September board meeting.

This policy was revised by the Board of Trustees, September 2003.

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