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About the Academy
Semi-Annual Report Guidelines for Council Organizations

Next report due: Monday, March 2
From: All councilors and for all organizations on the Council


1) Submit one report for each organization via email only (no fax or mail submissions) to

2) If you have additional information (e.g., pamphlets, brochures, etc.), bring copies to distribute at your regional meeting.

3) Submit brief comments in bullet style format. Comments from councilors evaluating previous meetings indicate that they appreciate brief descriptions.

4) Reports received after the deadline cannot be included in the agenda book.

5) Download semi-annual report template.


Semi-Annual Report

Organization Name

List names of councilors

1. Governmental Activities
Examples: Lobbying efforts, legal actions, regulatory issues, political action (PAC), legislative meetings

  • List activities in bullet form

2. Socioeconomic Activities
Examples: Third-party payer liaison and reimbursement issues, managed care advocacy

  • List activities in bullet form

3. Public Service Activities and EyeCare America Activities
Examples: Diabetes or glaucoma initiatives, patient screening, National Eye Care Month

  • List activities in bullet form

4. Membership Activities
Examples: Member-recruitment programs, newsletters, journal

  • List activities in bullet form

5. Annual Meeting and Educational Activities
Examples: Clinical and scientific session, symposium, workshops, speakers

  • List activities in bullet form

6. Other Activities (not mentioned elsewhere)

  • List activities in bullet form

7. Major Initiatives for the Year

  • List initiatives in bullet form