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About the Academy
Candidate Statement - Senior Secretary for Advocacy

Daniel J Briceland, MDDaniel J. Briceland, MD

It is a true privilege to be nominated as the senior secretary for advocacy for the Academy's Board of Trustees. Medicine and ophthalmology are facing some of their greatest challenges both on the state and federal level with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the multitude of regulations still rolling out. Equally important are the scope-of-practice battles we are facing in the states with the attempts to grant surgical privileges to non-physicians with no medical or surgical training.

Fortunately, the Academy has a talented and dedicated team of ophthalmologists and staff engaged in these federal and state legislative and regulatory issues. I have had the privilege of working closely with many of the volunteer physicians, Academy medical directors and staff during my more than 14 years of service on the Academy's secretariat for state affairs. These federal and state advocacy committees work tirelessly for our membership and deserve much of the credit for ophthalmology's voice in the state and federal policy and legislative arenas. We must continue to support the efforts of these vital committees and staff with the resources necessary to continue their important roles.

Successful advocacy involves working closely with not only the Academy's advocacy team but also with the essential state medical and ophthalmology leadership of physicians, executive directors and lobbyists. This collaboration is essential to being successful with the many legislative and regulatory issues dealt with each year.

The number of state legislative challenges over the years has provided the opportunity to work closely with the state society legislative and PAC chairs, which are truly the unsung heroes of our profession. The senior secretary for advocacy will continue to support our state advocacy champions and recognize their leadership.

The Academy's Leadership Development Program has brought a wealth of talented individuals to the forefront and enriched the leadership pool of the Academy, state, subspecialty and specialized interest societies. This program enables physicians to acquire leadership skills and networking opportunities which, in turn, allow the sponsoring societies to fill their boards with capable leaders. This is key for our future and our advocacy mission. The Advocacy Ambassador Program has also developed into an invaluable advocacy educational opportunity that we, along with our YO committee partners, will continue to develop.

As a comprehensive ophthalmologist facing many of the challenges of private practice, I will represent a significant percentage of our membership on the board. I will challenge all of our members to be educated on advocacy issues and proactively engage on both the state and federal level. Together, we can and will be successful in our advocacy issues for our patients and profession.

I have been accessible to our state societies and Academy members for many years and am privileged to be considered your advocacy voice on the board.