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About the Academy
2014 Academy Election Results

The Academy conducted its annual election from Oct. 20 to Nov. 18. A total of 16,534 ballots were sent to the membership, of which 2,798 were returned for tabulation.

The election results for the Board of Trustees officers and the trustee-at-large position are as follows:

William L. Rich III, MD
Senior Secretary for Advocacy
Daniel J. Briceland, MD
Andrew M. Prince, MD

The amendment to Bylaws Article 1.15 to expand eligibility for International Member-in-Training to allow those who participate in postgraduate education courses of training outside of the United States and Canada was approved by an 88% affirmative vote.

The amendment to revise the Code of Ethics (B.16)  to more specifically define what is considered expert testimony in challenges submitted against Academy Fellows and Members was approved by a 98% affirmative vote.

Election Summary
Total Ballots Distributed 16,534
Valid Returns for Candidates 2,798
% Total Returns 17
Voting By Mail 1,351
Voting By Internet 1,447

Results supplied by the Academy’s election agent, Intelliscan, Inc.