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About the Academy
Voting Instructions

Voting Academy fellows and members have the choice to cast their votes in mail or online formats for officers and trustee-at-large positions on the Board of Trustees and for proposed amendments to the Academy’s governance documents (e.g., bylaws, procedural rules, etc.).

Vote Online
Availability notification of electronic voting will be distributed via email to all voting fellows and members who have registered their official membership email address in the Academy’s membership database when the broadcast email is prepared in fall 2014.

If you have received a paper ballot, you can still vote electronically. Note: you will need your member number and the e-signature number listed on your paper ballot. 

Vote by Mail
Traditional mail ballot packets will be mailed to all voting fellows and members immediately following the annual business meeting. The packet will consist of a ballot, Voting Guide and a business-reply envelope. The Academy’s election agent must receive the ballot by Nov. 18, 2014. Late ballot envelopes are not valid and will be marked as such and will not be opened.

Duplicate Votes
In the event of duplicate ballot votes by online and mail, the Academy’s election agent will select the mail ballot format.