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About the Academy
Policy and Information Statements

Policy Statements
Policy statements are designed to make known the Academy's position on an issue, and to educate and provide guidance on issues of concern. Policy statements are reviewed and approved by the Academy's Board of Trustees to ensure that they are in agreement with the principles and goals of the organization.

Policies with an asterisk (*) by them are also available in full-text as part of the clinical statements on the Ophthalmic News & Education (ONE®) Network.

Adult Strabismus Surgery* PDF 76K

Amblyopia is a Medical Condition* PDF 206K

Color Codes for Topical Ocular Medications PDF 69K

Definition of Primary Eye Care* PDF 78K

Differences in Education Between Optometrists and Ophthalmologists PDF 126K

Frequency of Ocular Examination

Gifts to Physicians from Industry PDF 105K

Glasses as a Medical Necessity* PDF 205K

Glossary of Terms PDF 122K

Guidelines for Appropriate Referral of Persons with Possible Eye Disease or Injury* PDF 66K

Guidelines for Refractive Surgery Advertising PDF 100K

Intravitreal Injections

Laser Surgery* PDF 70K

Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and Vision PDF 191K

Ophthalmic Care for Patients in Residential Centers PDF 65K

Ophthalmic Care of the Medically Underserved PDF 79K

An Ophthalmologist's Duties Concerning Postoperative Care* PDF 155K

Perioperative Visual Loss Associated with Spine Surgery* PDF 127K

Preoperative Assessment: Responsibilities of the Ophthalmologist* PDF 59K

Protective Eyewear for Young Athletes* PDF 73K

Red Reflex Examination in Neonates, Infants and Children PDF 445K

Role of Ophthalmology and the Ophthalmologist PDF 64K

Screening Examination of Premature Infants for Retinopathy of Prematurity*

Tissue Procurement for Corneal Transplantation* PDF 81K

Use of Unapproved Lasers and Software for Refractive Surgery PDF 83K

Vision Screening for Infants and Children* PDF 115K

Information Statements

Use of Innovative Technologies in Diagnosing Eye Diseases and Conditions PDF 87K

Teaching Allied Health Personnel PDF 65K

Internal Policies

Academy Email Privacy Policy PDF 53K

Diversity Policy PDF 57K

Guidelines for the Avoidance of Inadvertent Anti-Competitive Conduct PDF 216K

Identification and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest PDF 197K

Misinformation About Ophthalmology or the Academy PDF 59K

Policy for Academy Leaders PDF 203K

Relationships with Other Organizations PDF 181K