• Congressional Advocacy

  • Did you know that constituents who personally communicate with their lawmakers are more influential than lobbyists and news editors? That’s what a Congressional Management Foundation survey found when it polled Congressional staff on what advocacy strategies are most effective in swaying a federal legislators decision.

    • 94 percent of staff surveyed said constituent visits to the lawmaker’s district office have some or a lot of influence on an undecided member of Congress- more than any other influence group or strategy.
    • 96 percent of staff said that lawmakers pay attention when a constituent that represents other constituents comes to the table. That means, by representing your patients, you can have a tremendous impact on a lawmaker’s decision!

    That’s why the Congressional Advocacy Program plays such a critical role in driving the Academy’s pro-ophthalmology legislative agenda forward. The program is the Academy’s national network of ophthalmologists who commit to protecting the needs of their profession and patients by developing a relationship with their members of Congress.

    Congressional Advocates:

    • Represent the Academy’s position on important issues through direct, personal communication with a member of Congress or Congressional staff.
    • Develop a relationship with their lawmaker’s office by meeting locally with the lawmaker or serving as a trusted source of information for the lawmaker’s staff.
    • Deliver OPHTHPAC contributions to members of Congress, when requested.

    The Academy views its work to develop, train and energize this national network of ophthalmologists as a crucial component to our success. It provides advocates with background materials, trainings and one-on-one support in addition to the alerts it sends to keep the advocates informed when Congress acts on an issue important to ophthalmology.

    Make a difference and join us!