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Advocacy is Key to Providing Patient Care

By Chris Albanis, MD
We all have our passions, and helping to restore or preserve vision is mine! As such, my daily focus is on the medical and surgical care of my patients. However, beyond the clinic and operating room is an arena that determines, in many ways, how we practice medicine. It is in this arena that we must advocate for the needs of our patients, our profession of ophthalmology, the practice of medicine, our staff and for ourselves and our family. > Continue reading


button About the Campaign

Members Say It Best

The success of the Academy’s state and federal legislative agendas depends on member participation. That is why 17 members from across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, representing comprehensive ophthalmology and the various subspecialties, are speaking out in the Academy’s new campaign to urge others to become advocates. The featured advocates will be on hand at the Annual Meeting to share how – in the middle of running a busy practice – it is possible to make a difference in the state capitals and Washington, D.C. on decisions that affect patient care and your bottom line. Optometrists are stepping up efforts to gain surgery privileges through the state legislatures, while federal lawmakers seek ways to reform Medicare physician pay. > Continue reading