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Online Community Quick Guide

The Academy Online Community is optimized for Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8. If you are using Internet Explorer 6 or below, you will need to upgrade your browser to fully participate in the community.

Accessing Your Persona
Access your persona
within the Community section by clicking the "My Community" link in the main community navigation bar. Take a moment to upload a picture and add a description of yourself.

Within your persona, you can:

  • Update your avatar (the small image that appears with community activity) and add other persona information (age, gender, location, description, etc.)
  • Post a status update
  • See your own activity and the activity of your "friends" within the community
  • Communicate with other members
  • Create photo galleries and upload pictures to them
  • Create connections between your community account and your Facebook and Twitter accounts

If you view another member’s persona (for example, by clicking someone’s name next to a comment), you can:

  • View the member’s persona and see their recent community activity
  • Request to add the colleague as a “friend” within the AAO community
  • Recommend a colleague
  • Leave a colleague a public message (these are not e-mails; the messages stay within the community, but they are visible to everyone)
  • Send a colleague a private message (sent by e-mail)

Community Guidelines
American Academy of Ophthalmology (Academy) online communities are governed by this set of standards that will apply to all community members and their posts.

The ability to comment on, recommend and share articles is available in the following areas:

How-Tos for Groups, Blogs, Photos, Videos
As of February 2010, has greatly expanded features, including groups, blogs, photo-/video-sharing and more. For an overview, read YO Info's "Improving Connections with Peers: One Resolution Made Easy."

Specific tutorials:

We encourage you to check out the available features, listed above. We welcome your feedback, either in the comments or by e-mail (