• Hyphema Treatment

    Written by: David Turbert
    Reviewed by: Brenda Pagan-Duran MD
    Mar. 01, 2016

    Based on what the ophthalmologist finds, he or she may ask you to:

    • wear a special shield over your eye to protect it
    • cut back on physical activity, or rest in bed
    • raise the head of your bed to help your eye drain
    • see your ophthalmologist often so he or she can check your healing and eye pressure

    Your ophthalmologist may tell you not to use aspirin because it can lead to more bleeding. In some cases, your ophthalmologist might tell you to go to the hospital so that your eye can be cared for and checked often. If the hyphema makes your eye pressure rise too high, it can lead to glaucoma or damage your cornea. If this happens, you may need surgery to remove the excess blood or eye drops for treatment.