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Linking Your Usernames and Passwords
What it means to link your accounts
What you have to do
If you can't remember your usernames/passwords
What to do if you have multiple accounts
How linking affects accounts you may create in the future
If you need further assistance

Q: What does it mean to link my usernames and passwords?

A: As you may know, you have one master login you use to access the AAO website. However, you may also need different sets of logins to get you into other Academy sites such as the Ophthalmology Job Center, ETalk or others.

We have created the ability to link the username and ID or password that you use to log into the AAO website with other usernames and passwords you have for these other Academy sites.

Q: What do I have to do?

A: Log in to the AAO website with your username and id or password. After logging in, go to the other areas of the site that require different usernames and passwords to log in to such as the Ophthalmology Job Center, the Image Gallery, and Forums.

Log in to these areas with your other usernames and passwords. The next time you log into the AAO site, you will be logged into the other areas you linked with.

Q: I can't remember my logins. What should I do?

A: All sites have a 'Forgot Your Password' feature that you can use to send yourself your login. For the main AAO site, this feature is linked from our login page. If you need further assistance, you can contact and ask for help.

Q: What if I have multiple accounts for any area?

A: It may be the case that you have multiple accounts for certain areas. For example, you may have two different logins for the Image Gallery. You can only associate one account with your login, meaning that once you log into the AAO site and then log into the Image Gallery, you will automatically be logged into the Image Gallery with that account from that point forward. So log in with the account you use the most.

If you have multiple accounts with the Ophthalmology Job Center and you have entered your member ID into each of these accounts, you will have to select which account you want to log in with each time you use the Ophthalmology Job Center.

Q: What about accounts I might create in the future?

A: When you register for new accounts, your username and password will be pre-filled for you so that every time you log into AAO, you'll be logged into those areas as well.

And if you create an account in the Ophthalmology Job Center, make sure to enter your member ID into your profile or your accounts will not be linked.

Q: I still need help. What should I do?

A: Contact and in the body of the email, explain what you are having problems with: logging in, retrieving passwords, etc.