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Global Center
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The Global ONE

The ONE Network is expanding to include clinical information from around the world.

The Global ONE section will contain content that reflects regional ophthalmic practice or is created in languages other than English. In addition, it will feature regional differences in practice or availability of different technologies.

Currently featured on the Global ONE
Video: Vitrectomy with Cerclage to Treat Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment with Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
Subspecialty: Retina/Vitreous
Source: Aravind Eye Care System
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The Global ONE Advisory Board
The Global ONE Advisory Board assists in the identification and solicitation of regional clinical content for the Global ONE.

To ensure the Global ONE is comprehensive and relevant, the Advisory Board is comprised of the following ophthalmologists.

  • James C. Tsai, MD (Chair) – USA - Glaucoma / Anterior Segment
  • Bente Haughom, MD – Norway - Comprehensive Ophth / Cataract/IOL
  • Benedictus G.K. Ajayi, MBBS, MHS – Nigeria - Comprehensive Ophth / Optics/Refraction
  • Choun-Ki Joo, MD, PhD – South Korea - Cataract/IOL
  • Daniel Salchow, MD – USA - Pediatric Ophth / Strabismus
  • Jeannine Srourian, MD – Syria - Retina/Vitreous Surgery
  • Lihteh Wu, MD – Costa Rica - Retina/Vitreous Surgery
  • Luis Izquierdo Jr., MD – Peru - Cornea/External Disease / Cataract/IOL
  • M. Babar Qureshi, MD – Pakistan - Public Health / Comprehensive Ophth
  • Martine Jager, MD, PhD – The Netherlands - Cornea/External Disease / Uveitis/Immunology
  • Thomas C. Lee, MD – USA - Retina/Vitreous Surgery / Ocular Oncology
  • Ivan Goldberg, MBBS, FRANZCO – Australia - Glaucoma
  • Ricardo Glikin, MD – Argentina - Cataract/IOL / Refractive Surgery
  • R.V. Paul Chan, MD – United States - Retina/Vitreous Surgery / Medical Retina
  • Timothy Lai, MD – Hong Kong - Medical Retina / Retina/Vitreous Surgery
  • Farhad Hafezi, MD, PhD – Switzerland – Refractive Management
  • Prashant Bhatia, MS – UAE – Glaucoma

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