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Somewhere in the world, a person goes blind every five seconds. A child goes blind every minute.

The EyeCare Volunteer Registry (EVR) was designed to enhance eye care services in developing countries where the need is greatest. The EVR connects eye care professionals who are interested in becoming international volunteers with organizations and institutions seeking ophthalmic volunteers.

As an individual you are able to search the EVR for information on organizations in search of volunteers. And as an organization, you are able to search the EVR for individuals interested in volunteering. Read below on Searching the EVR.

In connecting eye care professionals and organizations, the matching criteria includes:

  • Profession (ophthalmologist, ophthalmologist-in-training, other physician, ophthalmic technician or nurse)
  • Geographic location
  • Length of service
  • Type of service (educational or clinical, medical or surgical)
  • Specialized training/experience (retina, cataract, glaucoma, etc.)

"I came away feeling this was the ideal way to practice medicine, for the art of medicine and the sake of helping people, not for the sake of business."
Peter J. Kelly, MD

"There is nothing more gratifying than to help another human being without expectation of recompense."
James E. Standefer, MD

Getting Started

  1. Register on the EVR either as a volunteer or as an organization.
  2. After submitting your registration, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail that provides your password. Log in to the EVR with this password and then select "Update My Profile" to personalize your password.
  3. Search the EVR for opportunities

Searching the EVR

  1. Once logged in, select "Search for Volunteer Sites" if you are an individual seeking volunteer opportunities, or "Search for Volunteers" if you are an organization seeking volunteers.
  2. Specify the search criterion and select "Search".
  3. Individuals will receive information on volunteer sites that match their preferences. Organizations will receive information on potential volunteers whose expertise and interests match the organization’s needs.
  4. Use the links provided to review the information. Make contact by e-mail with the organizations that are of interest to you, or if you are an organization, with the eye care professionals.
  5. Please note that it is up to you to follow up on the organizations / volunteers resulting from your search.

See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for tips on searching.

For information and resources, see Organizations.


The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) is unable to, and expressly does not guarantee or make any other assurances with respect to the information supplied by any organization or individual. The AAO is only operating as a facilitator of information and does not sponsor, control, oversee or monitor these volunteer programs. It is the responsibility of the individual professional to be aware of and investigate medical regulations in the country of service, visa requirements, health issues, safety and security conditions and any malpractice insurance concerns. Likewise it is the responsibility and obligation of the organization or entity placing eye care volunteers to establish the volunteer's credentials and suitability for the volunteer assignment. The Academy disclaims all liability related or connected to participation in eye care volunteer programs.