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Global Center
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Humanitarian Outreach

Programs and Resources

  • Take the opportunity to support an ophthalmologist from a developing country through one of AAO's Host Programs: "Host an Ophthalmologist" or the "Rotary Club Host Project."
  • Register with the EyeCare Volunteer Registry (EVR). The EVR connects professionals who are interested in becoming international volunteers with organizations seeking ophthalmic volunteers.
  • Each year AAO provides educational materials to ophthalmology programs in developing countries. Learn more about the Education Distribution Project.
  • Explore other organizations involved with eye care in developing nations.

 Rotary Club Host Project participants and hsots with David W. Parke II, MD
2012 Rotary Club Host Project participants and their hosts, with Academy CEO
David W. Parke II, MD, at the Joint Meeting in Chicago.

Rotary club Host Project and Host an Ophthalmologist program particiants
Rotary Club Host Project and Host an Ophthalmologist program participants at the 
2012 Joint Meeting in Chicago.