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Global Ophthalmology

Global Ophthalmology Global Ophthalmology Events at 2013 Annual Meeting

Download the Global Ophthalmology schedule (PDF) to bring it with you to the Joint Meeting.

Saturday, 16 November

Symposium: What Are the Opportunities and Resources for Working in Developing Countries?
14:00-15:30, Room 255
Chairs: Drs. David S. Friedman and Linda M. Lawrence

Learning Lounge: Global Ophthalmology Volunteer Experiences
16:00-17:00, Hall G, Booth 3547 (Learning Lounge 1, 2 and 3)
Chair: Dr. Timothy P. Page

Sunday, 17 November

Breakfast with the Experts: How to Develop a Partnership with an Institution in a Developing Country*
07:30-08:30, Hall C
Chair: Dr. David S. Friedman

Symposium: International Opportunities for Young Ophthalmologists
16:15-17:15, New Orleans Theater C
Chairs: Drs. Grace Sun and Brad H. Feldman

Monday, 18 November

Breakfast with the Experts: How to Start Volunteering Now!*
07:30-08:30, Hall C
Chair: Dr. Grace Sun

Symposium: Kaleidoscope of Volunteering in Developing Countries: Global Ophthalmology, Making a Difference
08:30-11:00, Room 252
Chairs: Drs. Linda M. Lawrence, Fernando Yaacov Peña, David H. Cherwek, Timothy P. Page and Ms. Victoria M. Sheffield

Tuesday, 19 November

Breakfast with the Experts - Ethical Aspects of Practicing Internationally*
07:30-08:30, Hall C
Chair: Dr. Paul Chan

Instruction Course - Ophthalmologists’ Strategies for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness in Developing Countries: Case Examples
11:30-12:30, Room 355
Chair: Dr. Suzanne Gilbert

*Onsite fee applies

For more information on each event, search the online program. Click on Global Ophthalmology under Topics and look for the GO-icon icon.