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Global Center
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Language Assistance

Below is a list of Academy staff that can assist you in your native language.  


Staff Name

Phone Number

E.mail Address

Arabic Sherif Ishak +1.415.447.0274
Cantonese Dina Wong +1.415.447.0355 
French Jane Aguirre  +1.415.561.8519
French  Sangeeta Fernandes  +1.415.561.8563  
French Michael Levitt +1.415.447.0318
French Julia Shiller +1.145.447.0373
German Bernhardt Mair  +1.415.447.0369
Greek Dennis Thomatos +1.415.447.0351
Italian  Jane Aguirre +1.415.561.8519
Italian Susan Keller +1.415.447.0278
Japanese Dayle Kern +1.415.447.0475
Mandarin  Jasmine Chen  +1.415.447.0295  
Mandarin Shawn Fallon  +1.415.447.0363
Mandarin Dina Wong +1.415.447.0355
Mandarin  Monica Zhuang +1.415.447.0283
Portuguese Jane Aguirre  +1.415.561.8519
Portuguese  Dina Wong  +1.415.447.0355  
Russian Julia Shiller +1.415.447.0373
Spanish Jane Aguirre +1.415.561.8519
Spanish Jaime Estrada +1.415.447.0256
Spanish Yesenia Galvan +1.415.447.0348
Spanish Monique Perez +1.415.447.0281
Spanish Herman Rodriguez +1.415.561.8547
Spanish Mark Simborg +1.415.447.0222
Spanish  Dina Wong  +1.415.447.0355