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Programs and Services for National Societies

The AAO is eager to work with societies around the world. Below are some of our most common partnership opportunities.

Ophthalmic News & Education (ONE) Network

The ONE Network is an online comprehensive educational resource for ophthalmologists around the world. 

The ONE Network is available globally through partnering societies and organizations. In developing nations, the AAO provides complimentary access to the ONE Network.

Resident Hub

The Resident Hub is an online learning tool designed to help educate opthalmology residents through videos, courses and self-assessment exams.

The Resident Hub gives Program Directors the ability to efficiently faciliate, track and measure resident progress. The Resident Hub provides residents with access to a wealth of vetted ophthalmic resources and instant feedback on their progress.

OKAP International

The Ophtalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP) International is a 250-item multiple choice exam for ophthalmology residents around the world. It is the same test given to U.S. residents in a prior year. Most questions are based on information derived from the AAO's Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC).

Academy Express

Academy Express is a clinical newsletter, e-mailed weekly to ophthalmologists worldwide. It offers brief summaries of news, highlights of peer-reviewed clinical journals, opinions from leading experts in the field and news from the AAO and partnering societies.

Through partnerships with national and supranational societies, Academy Express offers regionally-customized news for ophthalmologists in Pan-America, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and Africa. 

Academy Express is offered at no expense to all participating societies.

Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC)

Published for more than 60 years, the BCSC is the core curriculum in many ophthalmology training programs worldwide. It is a definitive source of up-to-date clinical information for physicians.

The AAO recognizes the financial challenges facing participants in many training programs, particularly those in developing nations. The AAO works with societies and training programs to make the BCSC available at a signficant discount through bulk sales.

If your society is interested in pursuing any of the above partnership opportunities, contact