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Resources for Ophthalmologists Volunteering in Developing Nations

Before You Go: Information for Ophthalmologists Volunteering in Developing Nations (PDF 398K)
Articles on cataract surgery, management of glaucoma, Vitamin A deficiency and trachoma.

Buyer's Guide: Purchasing Ophthalmic Equipment in Economically Developing Nations (PDF 255K)
How to negotiate a purchase agreement that includes service, maintenance and training. Spanish Version (PDF 241K).

Guidelines for Ophthalmologists Volunteering in Developing Nations (PDF 132K)
Important considerations when providing ophthalmic patient care in another nation.

Ocular Considerations in Disaster Relief (PDF 420K)
Assists individuals and agencies responding to disaster situations or events that cause higher risk than normal for ocular morbidity and blindness.

Publications on Ophthalmology in Developing Nations (PDF 637K)
List of appropriate resources for ophthalmologists working in economically developing nations, or those considering assisting (in a technical or educational capacity) colleagues.

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