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The ISRS provides its members with access to the following educational resources.

ISRS Resources:

Resources: Journal of Refractive Surgery

Distributed monthly, the Journal features original research, review and evaluation of refractive and corneal surgical procedures, as well as lens-based refractive surgery.

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Resources: Refractive Surgery Outlook

E-mailed to members monthly, Outlook, is the ISRS' clinical newsletter that features expert opinion on the latest advances, highlights from peer-reviewed clinical Journals, a calendar of events and ISRS information.

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Resources: Multimedia Library

The Multimedia Library is a robust educational resource, offering videos, presentations and conversations in refractive, cataract and cornea.

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Content in the library has been uploaded by well-known surgeons from around the world. Browse your colleagues' videos, presentations and conversations or upload your own. Rate your favorites.

Resources: ONE Network

ISRS members have access to cataract and refractive clinical content of the AAO’s Ophthalmic News and Education (ONE®) Network.

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What is the ONE Network?
The ONE Network is an online educational resource that allows users to conduct precise clinical searches, read expert commentary, learn about new techniques and drugs, access assessment tools and much more.

How do I access the ONE Network?
Your ISRS member login will provide you access to the ONE Network. If you forgot your login information, visit Forgot Your Password.

Resources: U.S. Trends Survey

Each year ISRS partners with Drs. Richard J. Duffey and David V. Leaming to conduct a U.S. Trends in Refractive Surgery survey. The survey allows ISRS members from the United States to have their voices heard on refractive surgery issues.

Resources: K Card

The "K-card" which captures a patient's preoperative keratometry readings and refraction should be given to LASIK patients. It is often difficult to track down this critical data years later, when the patient is need of cataract surgery or additional eye care.

Download the K Card (PDF)

There are a lot of complicated IOL power calculation formulas, but they all have one factor in common – they work best when you have the patient’s preop keratometry readings and refraction. So Drs. Thomas L. Steinemann and Ed Isbey III, came up with a simple idea. Give it to the patients. “This is the most logical way to get the information. Until we have a national database of health records, it’s the next best thing,” Dr. Steinemann said.