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Exhibitor Resources

ART-of-Exhibitor-TrainingExhibitor Success Webinars: Replay
Two free webinars took place on Sept. 17 and 25. Revisit these webinars below. To get the most out of the webinar replay, download the participant workbook for each course which will help you interact with the content, capture it and pull the most important ideas out so you can put them to work immediately.

Improving Exhibiting Effectiveness: Observations From AAO Exhibit Evaluations Plus Findings From Over 10,000 Other Evaluations

Learn eye-opening insights and practical strategies to improve three areas that significantly impact the success of your exhibit program:

  1. Visual impact and communication effectiveness,
  2. Effectiveness of in-booth product/service presentations/demonstrations, and
  3. Exhibit staff.

This highly-informational webinar includes the 21 evaluation questions, summary of scoring from previous AAO annual meetings, best practices observed at AAO and 53 other shows, plus photographs of these practices in action.

Inside the Exhibiting Numbers: How to Measure and Report Exhibiting Performance and Return on Investment

This webinar will teach you an easy-to-apply tradeshow measurement process that helps you provide senior management with the metrics to justify and get more from your tradeshow investment. You will discover:

  • Budgeting for tradeshow success.
  • How to measure hard and soft dollar ROI.
  • Tradeshow performance metrics, such as Exhibit Interaction Capacity, Exhibit Attraction Efficiency, and others.
  • Reporting tradeshow performance and results to management.
  • And a whole lot more!

Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation (E3)
New exhibiting companies and selected exhibitors who were evaluated at the 2013 exhibition will receive a complimentary E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation of their exhibit in action at the AAO 2014 exhibition.

The purpose of this program is to:

  • Reinforce areas of effectiveness,
  • Identify potential areas that can be improved so your company gets more value and results, and
  • Deliver a high-quality exhibit hall experience for AAO annual meeting attendees.

Tips for Preparing for the Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation
Review 9 Steps to Stand Out and Be Remembered at Your Next Show (PDF 193KB) for tips and additional ideas to prepare for the Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation.

As attendees walk the aisles and glance toward an exhibit, they unconsciously ask themselves three questions:

  • What do you do?
  • Why should I care?
  • Who are you?

Evaluate how you are currently using imagery and copy to quickly and visually answer these three questions.

Product/Service Presentation
Whether you are marketing products or services, you must find ways to get visitors to physically engage.

  • Avoid static presentations as they do not attract interest, create impact or influence visitor recall.
  • Support your in-booth presentations and demonstrations with visual features and benefit graphics.  


  • Don't have too few or too many booth staffers.
  • Make sure their dress or apparel identifies them as a booth staffer.
  • Ask them to keep their body language open toward attendees in the aisles and to acknowledge visitors quickly.
  • Avoid inappropriate behaviors like sitting, eating, drinking and texting in the booth.

Exhibitor Advisory Committee (EAC)
The Exhibitor Advisory Committee (PDF 118KB) advises the Academy on issues and concerns affecting exhibitors. Exhibitors are encouraged to share their viewpoints and concerns with the committee or with the Academy's exhibitions staff.