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Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting
2013 Virtual Exhibition

Populate your FREE Standard Digital Booth with:

  • Business card
  • 25 word company profile
  • 15 categories; select products or service categories, medical specialties, common equipment terms, or basic ophthalmic conditions.

Build your FREE digital booth now. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Virtual Exhibition.
  2. Click on “Digital Booth Editor Login” on the left navigation.
  3. Locate your company name and enter your temporary password (your company ID number; contact if you need assistance).
  4. Change the password and you're ready to personalize each of the modules.

Upgrades are available adding additional products, expanded company profiles, additional booth contacts along with many additional features. View more information about upgrading your digital booth (PDF 312KB).

Use by Attendees - Exhibitor Locator Booth 3105
The VE will be posted for attendees on Friday, Aug. 23, over two months before the meeting. The VE is promoted to attendees in several email blasts. Last year, there were over 8,000 visits and 10,478 views logged into the Virtual Exhibition from the Academy website. Reports reflect 39,130 visits to the digital booths.

The VE offers attendees the ability to search by:

  • Company name
  • Booth number
  • Product categories
  • Medical specialties
  • Common equipment terms
  • Basic ophthalmic conditions

Through the VE, attendees find companies that meet their product, service or subspecialty criteria and get contact information. Attendees can navigate the exhibit hall more efficiently by locating booths in advance. They can create their own Personal Tour using the “My Expo” feature to keep track of exhibitors they want to visit onsite and then print the company names and booth numbers they have selected.

Exhibitor Locator Booth"This year we are proud to bring back our Exhibitor Locator booth. This information booth containing the Virtual Exhibition is located centrally on the exhibit floor and offers an excellent tool to help physicians locate exhibitors and products. The booth offers a number of computer monitors and helpful staff to locate exhibitors by company name or by booth number. I personally found the Exhibitor Locator Booth to be extremely helpful and a big time saver for me. When there is only limited time to be on the exhibit floor, it's nice to be able to easily target the companies and products that you wish to visit."
- Jonathan B. Rubenstein, MD, Secretary for the Annual Meeting